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get laser hair removal

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Someday, somewhere...

I maybe will try this again in the future, but not for now. Maybe the n, they can get better results with my hair colour.


I wasn’t happy enough with the last results and I stopped. I want to consult in another place to see if with my skin tone and hair color is possible to achieve something better.

Fifth session

I had my fifth session yesterday, but I’m a bit deceived about this because I haven’t noticed any progress since the last time I went. I told it to the aesthetician and she increased the laser power. We’ll see how it goes.

Fourth Session

I had my fourth session this week and I’m noticing better results now.

Second session

Today I’ve had my second session and everything was fine. It made me relieved that even if it goes slowly I’m starting to see the first results and hair is growing more slowly.

First session

I’ve had my first session yesterday. It went fine and didn’t hurt.
However they told me that having light skin and red hair I will probably need more sessions than other people. I will need patience, it will take more than a year…


After comparing different options and places, I will go for intense pulsed light method instead of laser. Maybe it isn’t so effective, but seems to work better with light hair like mine and is way more cheaper.

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