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38% complete

38% complete and only 253 days left…

There are a lot of things that change during 3 years. Things we not longer would like to do, diferent circumstances, new priorities. I really want to complete this list, so today I’ve made some adjustments.

I had there some goals I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to complete by the end of the year, for example, see the aurora borealis (I don’t have enough money to make this kind of trip at the moment) or overcome my fear of driving (I don’t have a car anymore). I’ve changed them for other goals more attainable during these remaining months. Could this be considered cheating? =P

35% complete

35% complete and 371 days left. Time flies!!
The goals that remain in my list are the thoughest ones. I’ve been a bit lazy lately, but If I want to finish this, now it’s the moment to change!


27% and 444 days left… I will need to rush a bit!

23% complete

23% complete and 502 days left… Time flies!

20% complete

733 days left… Not bad.

17% complete

833 days left… and this is getting more difficult, since on each update there are less easy tasks left.

14% complete

... and 844 days left. This is going quite good!

12% complete

... and I still have 872 days left!

10% complete

Now I should start with some of the home improvement goals.

8% complete

From now on, I think it will go more slowly.

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