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I had this goal a bit abandoned. Yesterday I started watching to documentaries in English, no subtitles. It has been quite a time without doing this… I hope it helps both with my comprehension and pronunciation. Plus I’m learning stuff about subjects I’m interested in! ;-)

Let's talk English!

There have been some changes at work lately and the coworkers with who I used to do my English exchange aren’t here anymore. I need to find another person who is interested in doing it. Meanwhile, this is what I’ve been doing lately to improve my English:

- Reading a novel in English. It was quite difficult since it was kind of old English, but I’m proud of it and it’s a change from reading online.
- Watching to films and series in English with subtitles.
- Watching to short videos in English without any subtitles.
- Writing more here at 43T.
- Speaking English when I have a chance. Two weeks ago when I was travelling, I meet a taiwanese girl in the plane and we were speaking during all the flight.


We’ve had a long break in our language exchange,but we will restart it next week.
Lately I’ve been watching to some original version films with subtitles too. I will try to do it more often.

Improve my English

I studied English at high school. After I kept learning by reading stuff on internet and writing on forums. I understand written English and have a wide vocabulary, but I still have problems to maintain fluid conversations. I should revise my grammar too.

Recently I’ve started a language exchange with two coworkers (one is English). I hope this helps to improve my level and my pronunciation.

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