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I haven't REALLY done this

But I didn’t want to click the ‘I give up’ button, because I haven’t!

This is just way to broad for me – I have goals that break it down more (drinking more water, getting more exercise) and that’s better for me.

When you’re extremely overweight and have lots of health issues – looking at ‘Be fit and healthy’ on your list every day isn’t terribly inspirational! I just look at it and think, “Oh. Yes. THAT… well, maybe ONE day..”

So – away with it! I’ll stick to smaller, specific goals regarding health and fitness!

It all seems too hard...

I need to get my health problems under control – food intolerances, ovarian cysts, over stretched tendon in my knee. I need to lose heaps of weight and I’m extremely unfit.

Trouble is, I feel good and I’m happy… so it’s kind of hard at the moment to motivate myself. Which is silly. I should be able to really get into it all because I’m feeling so good!

I have been using my exercise bike more… but I’ve been eating sugar and gluten… big no-no’s for me!

Funny thing is, people keep asking me how much weight I’ve lost… so I must be doing something right! (Must be all the good lovin’ I’m getting..!! Hahaha!)


This is one of those goals that I know I have to do… but I’m so not the healthy athletic type!

My idea of a perfect Saturday arvo isn’t going for a bike ride/ hike/ game of tennis then having a salad at a nice Cafe…

My perfect Saturday arvo is sitting around a table of lots of yummy, decadent snacks and a few bottles of Omni Blue gossiping with my girlfriends…


Watching DVD’s snuggled up on the couch with my man and a block of chocolate


Having a beautiful 2 or 3 course meal at a beautiful restaurant…

So yeah, this is kinda challenging for me!! Hahaha!

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