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Last week Chris and I went to Carnaby Street for afternoon tea at a teashop called Camellia Sinensis, which we have been meaning to do for ages. I have never been to Carnaby Street before, I never even knew it was right there off Regents Street! It’s a rather nice area. Almost went into Liberty, but I thought I’d better not subject Chris to that. However he did subject me to traipsing through Tottenham Court Road looking for an HDMI cable…..........
Talking of Chris, he is away for the next 10 days. I ALWAYS waste my time moping around when he is away, but this time, I refuse!!!! I will do my essays and I fancy exploring Hampstead Heath – I have never been there either. Might also go to British Museum, have been meaning to go for ages. To be honest, museums are not my thing, but I feel like I really should try and like them.
Ahhhhh it’s almost Christmas! Christmas in London is absolutely amazing, the only time I enjoy shopping =D So festive =D


My best childhood friend came to visit me this weekend, so I got to go out and do a couple of touristy things – although looking back, we actually discovered more things to do rather than actually doing things.
On Friday we went to see Avenue Q at the theatre. We went to the box office where they do half price tickets, plus Heather could get student discount, so we spent like, £40 on two tickets, 6 rows from the front! Was so good. We also discovered an amaaaazing ice cream shop, recommended by the box office lady, in the Seven Dials, so that was a good find. We went back the next day!
On Saturday, as well as going to the ice cream shop, we went and we were going to see if there were any Lion King tickets. There weren’t. Well, there were, but they were standing, right at the very very top, and I didn’t fancy it. I don’t know what else we really did! Walked around, saw the 4th Plinth – giant ship in bottle, currently! Loved it. There was also a huge mass dance happening in Trafalgar Square so we watched that too. It was so hot, it was too much, we couldn’t really do anything. Went to a party in the evening.
Sunday we just wandered up to Wimbledon Village, which I love, and we saw signs for Wimbledon Windmill!! So we walked there, quite a long way, and there was a windmill turned into a museum, and it was so cool! I’d never even heard of it before!!! It was a good find. I like stumbling upon things =)
Some other things on our to-do list were:
The Old Curiosity Shop
Liberty (I MUST GO)
John Soanes Musem.

I heart London, and getting to enjoy it =) I spent SO much money though!! =(

Taste of London

Taste of London was AMAZING! It was just the right size and had such a good selection of stuff. There were stands around the outside in a big cricle, they were from restaurants mainly. For example the Dorchester, Club Gascon, Gaucho were selling samples of their steak….......... unbelievable. I have to go to Gaucho now!
In the middle of all the stands were stalls from sort of more like shops and brands, like high end brands you can buy in the supermarket and boutique specialist shops from across the country. There was a huge Airstream selling Pimms =D I heart Pimms AND Airstreams!
Taste was extra good because I got to try truffles and scallops. The vast majority of the stalls had unlimited free samples and you can either spend your cash or convert your cash into ‘crowns’. Chris and I had 2 books of 20 crowns each – 20 crowns = £10. I only spent £9 of my own money!
Another thing is that there were a few tents where there were cooking demos and lessons, and the AEG Theatre was like a main stage area. Unfortunately Chris and I arrived just as Heston Blumenthal had finished his demo! Darn.
Chris and I bought loads and loads! 2 macarons; 2 cupcakes; 4 pack of ginger beer, 4 pack of lemonade; a bottle of honey rum; a chutney, curry paste, a curry pickle, and 3 other curry items for my dad for fathers day for FIVE POUNDS! Unbelievable!; strawberries and raspberries; the best mozarella I have ever tested; 4 Glorious soups and 2 Glorious pasta sauces for £6; rice seed oil for £1!!!!; venison and caramelised onion sausages…... and MANY free samples and treats!
Definitely worth the £37 ticket, although we are big foodies =) And we didn’t pay for our tickets or crowns as they were a gift =) Yayyeee.


Just got back from Wimbledon Summer Fair. Was very nice, very upmarket!! For example, there was an Audi stall. Haha! It was lovely, very nice. VERY cold, and it’s midsummers day tomorrow!! Off to Taste London festival tonight, in Regents Park. Exciting!

Borough Market

Went to Borough Market 2 weekends ago. It was AWESOME, although smaller than I expected. Recommend it, although there was a bit touristy. Well worth a visit though, absolutely, and I would visit if I was a tourist, so I don’t blame them =)

My 1000 things to do in London book has like, 835 things marked to do haha =)

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