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get my driver's license

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God, I have re-booked my test for…. 14th Aug!!! THAT IS SO FAR AWAY!!! It’s ok I spose, cos I can keep precticing, and know everything, and then make sure I pass and don’t have to re-book AGAIN! sigh So yeah, I have my theory test coming up.

Slight glitch...

OK, so it’s the day of my test, but I am not taking it. I have done all my revision and stuff, but I have lost one half of my licence, so I can’t take it!!! I’ll have to get a new licence and re-book is all, I don’t really mind that much. My mum was so stressed though, and I was like why? It’s not a v big deal. Meh. I wanted to go shopping afterwards, but now we can’t cos we’re not going anywhere with shops because I’m not taking my theory test. I so need new clothes though!

I am SO saving up over the summer though to buy myself a car. If my parents are so mean that they won’t buy me a car then I don’t want them to pay half or whatever, I wanna do it all myself :)

Theory is booked

I finally booked my theory test (took long enough!!). It’s on saturday 7th of June. Agh! I am still failing all my practices, but I’ll practice loads and get better, so hopefully I won’t fail and look like an idiot. :)

Theory Test

I am going to book my theory test soon, and then just learn all the stuff for it quickly :D


Yesterday’s driving lesson was really good, compared to last week’s. Last week I made loads of mistakes and I was generally nervous, but yesterday I was more relaxed and I didn’t have to be told when to change gears each time! Woo! I hadn’t practiced, so that was surprising! I hate driving my dad’s car cos I stall it so much! Bloody diesels (+ my lack of skills).


I started learning my theory yesterday- I really want to learn it all quickly and get it done! A lot of it seems like common sense (‘what do you do if your mobile phone rings when you are driving?’), it’s the learning of the road signs I don’t think I’ll be too good on.
But hooray for driving!

My first lesson!

I had my first lesson today! Woo! My first time driving on the roads :) I did a hill start and traffic lights :) My steering was really bad compared to when I have driven off the roads! It was really good though, and it meant I got home from school 2 hours early :D


I have my first lesson booked for weds!! :D :D :D

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