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We're surely coming into October now.

Half a dozen female robins were all devouring berries from one tree together.

Pelagic cormorants flying at the beach.

Yow, those are some enormous birds. Two feet long, a wing span of about 4 feet.

Started using my binoculars

Learned how to adjust the focus just right.

Binoculars are on the way!

I had a chance to look at recommended specifications for birding binoculars, then went back on eBay and shopped for just the right thing…found it for $19.99 used, shipping included. I’m happy.

I'm bidding on binoculars on eBay.

I don’t know what to look for but I doubt that I’ll ever get serious enough about birding to warrant some fancy set of them anyway. If I can just get something that lets me see further in more detail than I can with my eye alone I’ll be happy, at least for now.

Saw a dark-eyed junco

Pretty little thing on the forest floor.

My bird book arrived.

Now I can have more fun. I think I’ll take it camping this weekend.

on the way home

spotted a western scrub-jay

In my tree

I believe I saw a black phoebe.

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