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lose weight


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Hayley Chevapravatdumrong has written 48 entries about this goal

Tone it up time...shizzzzzzil.

So im at a total of 40lbs
lost but now I have to actually start
Working out and tightening and
toning things. god I hate working out, buy
going to start!... Hopefully lol

don't you know that only fools are satisfied

Alright, so I’ve lost a total of 30lbs since March. but obviously at my goal weight and
am not really satisfied at all. now I need to start
Toning up or something. just not satisfied.

If hello could only drop its "o"

So time to actually start doing this. Got a job again
So I won’t be laying around all day just smoking and eating. And community service starts monday so there’s a shitload of

Hopefully good things to come :)

Goals goals goal.

Ok so i did a little poor on my diet yesterday
but not nearly as bad as i have been
so that excites me!!! Plus again, I’ve been sticking to my

Well even though i cant see results,
and it gets me really down, especially when i feel
like i look bigger after all my efforts.
But i feeel really good. I hate
losing weight the healthy way i have to say.
its annoying.

But now that I'm awake I'd rather take a beer and walk down to the lake.

Went to walk Athena to a friends
who ended up not being home, but it was 2 miles
all together so im not exectly disappointed :P

Well totally fuck on my diet last night again.
Always strong during the day and
bad at night. Which is horrible.

I’ve been good on my excersize though so its not completely
Today has been really good so far. So hopefully ill have great
news for the morning :)

Early morning Home Improvement <3 Tim Alan

So I did really good with my excersize
yesterday. I’m definitely going to push myself to do more.

But I do really good with my diet but
at night it gets totally Fucked off. Thats like
the chocolate/sweets craving that really doesnt
care. Any one have any tips to help?
Because I know if i can fully follow my diet
and excersize i would be able to reach my weight
waaay faster…(obsviously lol)

WELL hope everyone else is doing good.
Stay motivated :)

Measurements 01/15\2012

Waist: 38’‘
Stomach (measure four inches up frm my hip: 48
Thighs: 26’‘

I'm pretty sure this is going to work.

To be honest I feel one hundred percent
motivated. I dont know. I get these spurts. Haha.
Well Sometimes i dont know what it is.

But most of the time its
thinking about how good im going to feel and look
after i get where i want to be.
I was so close before and that wasnt very hard and only took
about two months believe it or not.

So theres a dog that needs to build
some muscle here too so I’ll have company :)

Stay motivated everyone! Good luck.

Oh bou its sweellll to sayyyyy GOOD MORNING USSAAAAA

Ok so far I’m doing good on the excersize but
i need to discipline
myself more on my eating.

I walk with my friend ashley down to the river and back and
its about an hour altogether and its half walk
half hike and i love it.
I just need more comfortable shoes :P

hope everyone is doing good!



Well i did ALRIGHT today as far as the diet.
I slipped up a few times but
not NEARLY as bad and I ate 100 % better today.

Other then that the excersize was perfect and is going to get doubled
because it got started at an awkward time
and unfortunately around here you cant really
take risks going out to the river
at dark. Eeesh. Lol

well did better today and im happy about that,
im gonna do btter tomorrow :)

Hope everyone had a good day.


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