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go on a pilgrimage to Haifa, Israel

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Harijan has written 2 entries about this goal

May 2010!!!

thats when i go! which gives me a great amount of time to complete another necessary goal on my list, get my freakin passport!!! at that time, my son will be 1 1/2, so he can walk! yay! and my mom wants to come -super cool. so, finally! OMG! i can’t wait!!!

i got my dates!

but they aren’t good. they want me to go in 2009! everyone i spoke to said that it was always like a 5 or 6 year wait before they’d get people on their pilgrimages. i guess it’s because lots of people are dropping out cuz they are afraid of the bombings and stuff in israel. but it’s not that i’m not going to take the dates they gave me just cuz of the bombings, it’s more that i’d like to be in a little more financially predictable situation so that, say, every couple of months we can save up to make our trip as lovely as possible. on pilgrimage, we spend 9 days in Haifa. and the most expensive plane ticket is to and from the US. once we’re there, it’s like a 300 dollar ticket to cairo, amman, larnaca, beirut and istanbul. so, i would like to make the most of my pigrimage and get to travel through out the middle east while i’m already there. i’m not quite sure if 2009 is such a good choice for us. i have the option to request different dates. i might just do that.

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