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be a succulent wild woman

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The Wise Woman's Stone

A wise woman who was traveling in the mountains found a precious stone in a stream. The next day she met another traveler who was hungry, and the wise woman opened her bag to share her food.

The hungry traveler saw the precious stone and asked the woman to give it to him. She did so without hesitation.

The traveler left rejoicing in his good fortune. He knew the stone was worth enough to give him security for a lifetime.

But, a few days later, he came back to return the stone to the wise woman.

“I’ve been thinking,” he said. “I know how valuable this stone is, but I give it back in the hope that you can give me something even more precious. Teach me what you have within you that enabled you to give me this stone without a moment’s hesitation.”

My sweetheart man surprised me...

... by sticking his tongue right up my kapoosh!

then, i stuck my tongue up his kapoosh, to see if i could do it, and i could!

Not from Mattel

I was largely undecided if I should share my latest succulent conquest. I think instead of revealing the details, I will shroud myself in innuendo….

For my birthday, I have two new toys on order, and neither of them are from Mattel!


Struggle for succulence

I am fighting a summer cold and losing. I got home from work, feeling feverish, and got angry at the lawn for continuing to grow—especially when I did not feel like mowing it! But mow it I did, even though I had to pop-wheelies with the mower to wade through the taller grassy areas. I did not finish mowing, but I did hack down the most egregiously tall area.

Exhausted and covered in bits of grass, I watched as hives started to erupt on my pink sandaled feet and bare skirt-clad legs. (Did I mention I am allergic to grass?!) I decided that some succulence was definitely in order!

I drew a warm bath and added some Chanel No. 5 Velvet Milk Bath to the streaming tap. I rested in the iridescent foamy waters, letting the bubbles ensconce me as the dog laid in wait, guarding the bathroom door from worldly foes.

I laid in the softening bath water until it grew cool and the itching subsided. The hives are still there, but no doubt I smell wonderful, or as t’Knight says, like sex in a bottle. I can’t really smell anything with this cold of mine, but I did manage to nibble and sip at some dinner, and I even forced down a bit of sugar-free chocolate pudding, which felt easy and cool down my throat.

The poor dear also is fighting a cold. I wish I could take care of him myself, but I am fading fast and don’t know whether to sneeze or itch at this point! I am going to head to bed with Benadryl and hopes of a better toomrrow, so if you have any spare cheers, please bomb him to bits!

sniffle, sigh

Another worthy cheer bomb recipient!

I think immediate action is in order to cheer bomb this worthy woman!

Just read here to find out why!

Yay you!!!

Right place, right time

I’ve been having a stressful last week at work, so I have been actively seeking out succulence where I can find it to sustain my spirit. Today, I did two mystery shops at upscale jewelry stores. I was shopping for one-carat loose diamonds, with t’Knight in virtual complicity. Demanding work, shopping for a few grams of carbon so uniquely and forcefully compressed by cosmic forces that black becomes white and cloudy becomes clear—common coal becomes prized gem.

At the end of my task list, I remembered that I had a restaurant gift card for $10 that I got in the mail. I was sure it had expired by now, as I had been toting that card around for months unused. However, I happily discovered it had 2 more days left to use—so immediately off I went to the restaurant!

I ordered my tiger shrimp, rice and vegetables and set out to start reading my SARK Succulent Woman book, when I heard a small feminine gasp. A server (not mine) walked by and upon seeing the book, gasped and exclaimed how much she loved it. I told her about this group and its following, and how we women from all over the world are coming together in wild succulence!

I invited her to join 43T and check out our group. Her name is M. for now, as I will let her introduce herself if and as she wishes. Meanwhile, let’s send our prayers and positive energies to M. for her fruitful journey through a sometimes perilous and always exciting world.

Cheer bomb request

It has come to my attention that a very worthy candidate has NEVER been cheer bombed!

We can fix this, ladies, yes we can!

cheer bombs away, toodle pips!

An apology ... and a start to describe the 'process'

First off, I need to apologize to another succulent woman, Sherlock7437, for not replying to her post here. I can’t honestly say that I forgot, because this had been rankling around in my mind for some time. Truthfully, I find it difficult to talk about my health problems, because I grew up in a family where that was the common ground—people competing with each other for attention as to who was “the sickest” and therefore most deserving of pity, manipulative efforts, etc. I’d rather actually die than become like that, so I tend to go overboard the other way and find it hard to admit when I need rest, care, etc.

However, a valid question was asked, and for the past few weeks, I have been starting to own the fact that this is not a ‘phase’ or something I am doing just to please t’Knight, but rather it IS a process, indeed! I guess it was a little scary to admit that to myself, for fear of failure or just not doing it “perfectly”.

The baseline: I have PCOS, which stands for Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. It is technically a fertility and hormone/endrocine problem, but one of the side effects can be weight gain and insulin resistance. Untreated, it can lapse into diabetes, which can be quite serious. I take Metformin for this which is a common diabetes medicine, even though praise the Lord I have not been diagnosed with diabetes. The treatment is aggressive for this because the complications can be quite damaging. Unrelated to the PCOS, I have asthma which at times in my life has been life-threatening. I am on a daily steroid and most times that is all I need to keep breathing and sailing through my busy life. Sometimes, I do have attacks that restrict my lung function for days or even weeks at a time.

A further complication to the lung issue is that I was chemically burned as a consequence of post-storm cleanup after Hurricane Charley in August 2004. A gallon of muriatic acid broke open, and although I quickly called 911 and vacated the house with the animals, my dog Jake went back in and I had to try to save him. Because of debris and storm responses, the hazmat team was delayed in reaching me, and I was already back in the house but unconscious on the floor in a puddle of acid. I am very lucky that most of the burns healed up quite nicely and by now, they don’t look disfiguring at all. One of my eyes was burned, but that healed and I have full vision it. My lungs were severely burned and became edemic, which on top of the asthma and storm conditions, resulted in a lot of problems. I’d like to think that I am mostly healed from that injury, but sometimes I do wonder….

Ugh, now I am all depressed, just listing those two, when really there are more issues … see what I mean?

The mission: To avoid health complications, get fitter, improve lung function, and have more energy. If I lose a size or two, so much the better but that is not the most important part of this agenda.

The process: Getting more active and making better choices, and also managing emotional fallout that interferes with the above mission.

  • Food: I’m not a food nazi and I never will be; I can’t give up everything I love, not even for a day. What I am trying to do is be more honest with myself as to what I consume, portion sizes, and making better choices. There are a variety of approaches to this, and I don’t know if mine are valid so I hesitate to share them.
  • Information: I am seeing a nutritionist on Tuesday afternoon. I wouldn’t try to fix my car myself, so in this I also want a professional to advise and guide me. Cost: $38, don’t know if insurance will pay or not, don’t much care.
  • Exercise: As I have mentioned, I go to Curves. This is a women-only program, which I like. I try to go three (3) times a week, but sometimes I only get there two (2) times a week. The website link shows what the program entails. Often, you can find a special and join with no startup fee, or get a week’s pass free, etc. I pay $29 a month for my membership, and I am out of contract so I could stop going with 60 days notice and be done with the payments. Right now, this program is for me. If I were married, I might prefer to attend a gym that allowed my husband to come with me and work out, but I will cross that bridge when and if the situation arises.

Your order has shipped!

This morning I was electronically greeted by this bit of news; part of my order has shipped, yay Amazon!

I should be getting my Succulent Wild Woman and Juicy Living Cards any time now.


new watch jangling!

a short piece of succulence

I sipped a strong glass of pure pomegranate juice as I finally got to open my giftie of a new watch!

Even though it’s not waterproof like my old battered one, it is new and sparkly and all mine! I’m wearing it now and probably will do so to bed and all night—like usual!

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