Hawaiianmalibu2006 in Wichita is doing 3 things including…

Breast feed my baby for as long as possible

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Hawaiianmalibu2006 has written 26 entries about this goal


Well I think I dried up while I was on my honeymoon…I am going to try and pump and few times a day…but if I can’t get my supply back in like a week…then I won’t try anymore…it kind of sucks that I’m pretty much dried all up …if I knew it’d happen like I would have taken my breatpump with me and pumped a little everyday…I pretty much got to six months with no problems…I think I did good..


I am kind of having a hard time weaning her off her bottle and going back to breastfeeding her and giving her baby food only….


When my baby wakes up again tonight I will start her on breastfeeding again!!!


When I get back from my honeymoon…I plan on using the rest of the formula and then start back on breastfeeding!!!


She is on formula half of the time now..I breast feeding her twice in the mornings. Once around 8:00am and then again at about 11:00am. I wanna go feed now…But, she might now be hungry I gave her a bottle…But, my boobs feel like they are going to explode at any moment..they are so full..anyway…I am going to go back to bed now and watch tv or something….


I still breastfeed my baby and she is five months old. I didn’t think I would get this far with breastfeeding. But, I did. Right now she is on baby food, breast milk, and she is also doing some formula because her daddy and I will be going to Texas at the end of the month for our honeymoon. So, she’ll be staying with her grandparents. Okay, well I am going to go now. I have to do dishes and then I am going to get dressed and get my fiance to get dressed, so we can go get groceries!!!


She is eating bananas right now…She likes them! Today she has a doctor’s appointment in about three hours. She has to get shots. So at 2:30, I have to give her tylenol…but, anywho I guess I am done here, I am going to go check my myspace page, and then I am going to try to paint a little bit behind the desk without moving it.


Hailey got to try peaches today…She loves them….pretty much like all the other food she’s had….


Today my daughter ate green beans. This is the first time she has shown dislike of any kind towards a food. She just made a funny face and stuck her tongue out.


My daughter got to eat squash today. She didn’t spit it out. But, the look on her face clearly shows that squash is NOT her favorite. But, she has 2 more days of eating it, before we can move on to anything else. Which, then next thing will be Carrots. She is in the other room in her crib crying. LOL…she doesn’t want to go to sleep…but I am not giving her a choice. Her bedtime is 10:00. And, even though she’s only 4 months old…I want her to know that rules are rules…and also she cries for like 10-15 minutes everyday before she finally goes to sleep.

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