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Breast feed my baby for as long as possible

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Baby Food

My daughter has eaten peas as well as sweet potatoes. She seems to have really liked them. No allergic reactions so far so that’s good. I want to breasfeed her until she is a year old. But, my goal is 9 months. Pretty much depends on how her teeth come in. When my daughter gets to be a toddler, I am not going to let her have a lot of the foods that I let my son have. I do not want her to end up be hyper and out of control like my son is. In other words I cannot screw my daughter up.


So far my daughter has gotten to eat rice cereal, apple sauce, and mashed bananas…I was going to make my own baby food…but, I think I will go ahead and buy it instead. I am trying to decided if I want to buy organic stuff…or just normal stuff. Okay, well my baby is upset right now. So, I am going to go now.




My daughter can start eating rice cereal tomorrow…


My baby girl now has three more days until she can eat rice cereal!!! I hope she does good with eating it. And, it doesn’t upset her tummy or something….


My baby girl has a week….well it’ll be six days in 7 minutes…that she will be able to eat rice cereal…So, I have to get the highchair and other feeding stuff ready…I think I might get the camcorder out and film her…I want to do that tomorrow…I wish I would have done it when she was a newborn…but I will hook it up tomorrow and film her when I wake her up..since she is always sooo happy when she wales up in the morning….I think I will buy some few blank vhs tapes…at the dollar tree…and use the to film her also…


My baby girl can start eating rice cereal in 13 more days. This kind of sucks…I am starting to get hungry…I need to take a shower here pretty soon…


My baby can start eating rice cereal in 3 weeks and 5 days…when she turns 4 months old…


I have 6-9 months left until I can quit breastfeeding…My daughter starts eating in a month…


Everything is still going well with this…She is eating more and more with each passing week…

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