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30 things to do before i turn 30!

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30 Things To Do Before 30

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I turn 30 tomorrow

I guess I added this goal a bit too late, but there is no reason to be upset that I failed at it. Of course I am still leaving this open as a thirtieth year goal.


26. Get health insurance.
27. Learn to knit/crochet.
28. Compete in County Fair
29. Cosplay.
30. Maintain a blog.


Just turned 29 and while I comprised my list I made them simple, but they all just seem so out of reach for my current state of life. I never even hit 30 things.

To 25

21. Make a completely from scratch fruit pie. Pick the fruit, grind the flour, yadda yadda.
22. Sew a period piece.
23. Catch snowflakes on my tongue.
24. Take my father to a Lakers game.
25. Do a performance in public.

Now at 20

16. Live sketch at the zoo.
17. Make a professional looking blog.
18. Have long curly hair.
19. Feel like I am in control.
20. Drink absinthe properly.

To 15

11. Go hunting/fishing.
12. Make a steamer trunk.
13. Master Revit.
14. Dance the Sevillanas.
15. Dress like a cowgirl.

Close out 10

6. Host a party.
7. Move out of my parents.
8. Learn to play an instrument.
9. Learn a new language.
10. Lose all my weight.

First 5

1. Go on a road trip.
2. Primitive camping in Vermont (goes with 1.)
3. Visit somewhere overseas.
4. Gamble.
5. Audition for a game show.

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