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take a photography course


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OK so last class didnt really exist, but I’m gonna have fun making my light box. Any (decent) pictures I take will be posted on deviantart under the name: Hedgepiglet. All in all I couldve learnt a little more but hey, I paid $15 so it was pretty good for that. And I learnt all the technical side (what aperture/lens speed means) so I shall try and put it to good use.

I just found this!!

On how to make a light box – now I have to rush through my homework so I can make it in time to take photos for my class tonight.
fun fun!

Last Photography Class

and it certainly has taught me some things… although ideally I would like to be on a much longer course. Nevermind.


So far so much fun :) We havent been taught anything yet, we merely did a presentation on photographers who may have inspired us. I previously knew of no such specific people (except for Lara Jade and Akif Hakan Celebi whose work I had seen on deviantart) so it was a great opportunity for me to go out and find some! I came across Richard Avedon (I especially love his “American West” series) and friends suggested Sebastiao Salgado (amazing documentary style photographs) and Tina Mclelland who has some great self portraits.
Next week we are to be given a tour around the dark rooms and facilities, and then i guess the learning begins!


I’ve just signed up for a 6 week photography course – 3 hours every Tuesday night – for $15! Nice. Suffice to say the free one got a little forgotten and there wasnt much in the way of feedback.

Look what I found....

My free online photography course! hehe :


awesome. Taking first lesson right now :P


I wonder if there are any free ones… lol


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