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Wendy in Cotati is doing 35 things including…

organize my photos

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Two steps forward, three steps back

I had done a LOT of photo organization, and then my hard drive died, and lots of that stuff got lost (tags and things, which I didn’t know how to save in Aperture. Fortunately, now I do know how to save them). So, I’m going through this slowly, but surely.

I also have a bunch of photos I got from my mom which need to be scanned – most of them are stuff from my childhood, but there are some really wonderful old photos from the 19-teens and 1920s. So, working on this slowly, but surely.

The Mother of All Organizational Projects (For Me, Anyway)

Yeah. I still need to organize my photos. All 50,000 (or so) of them. (Oh, that’s just the digital ones. I’m in denial about 35mm negatives right now). When last I updated this goal, I was going to organize and tag them in JetPhoto. That plan has been scrapped. The program works okay, but it’s somewhat cumbersome and quirky in ways that annoyed me . . . so I’m back to using iPhoto. I upgraded to the new version, which is better.

Now, my plan is to get ALL my photos (minus the lame, blurry, and redundant ones, that is) into chronological folders on my external harddrive. Oh, and to have all of them tagged. In theory, when I’m finished, I should be able to find ANY photos that I need almost immediately. Only trouble is it’s going to take me a long time to get them all into the system. BUT, they definitely won’t get organized unless I start somewhere, so that’s what I’ve done. And if I just keep at it, sooner or later they’ll all be organized.

I’m still playing around a bit with how I intend to organize them within iPhoto. I love the new “Events” option (OMG so much better than having to delete everything in the “Photos” screen). I think that overall, though, I want my system to be album- and folder-based. Right now, I’m starting to set it up with a folder for each year, with folders for each month inside, and then albums with discrete events (events in reality, rather than iPhoto Events) in the appropriate monthly folder. We’ll see if I like it. If I end up not liking it, I hope I figure that out soon, before I’ve categorized too terribly many photos this way. :D

New System

I’ve created a new system, and so far, so good. I found a program called JetPhoto, which allows me to add tags to my photos, and also organize them into albums. I’ve removed ALL my photos from iPhoto, and am in the process of switching all my photos over to the JetPhoto system. I’ve also reorganized the way I’m storing them. Or, rather, gotten completely consistent with one way of organization. Everything is by year, with folders for each year, and folders by month inside. (I might do away with the monthly photos at some point, but I like it this way for now). I went through and put ALL the photos I have on my computer and external harddrive into this system, so they’re all where they belong.

Next action: to finish the JetPhoto transfers and tagging. Then, to go year by year and get my best photos off CDs and DVDs and put those into albums on the external drive, with tags, so I can actually find the photos I want when I need them. Still a big project, but broken down like this, it seems manageable. This will also help me prepare to do Blurb albums for every year. (I’m nearly finished with 2006 already).

Next Action:

Whoa. I think I need to start with my online system. So, the next action here is to go through all the photos I have on my external hard drive, and devise an organizational system that works for me. This might take some time, and some creative fiddling, but I think it will be well-worth it in the end. Right now, I can’t find photos when I want them, and that just sucks.

Made some progress this week

This week, I went through all the photos that are currently on my computer (about 5 GB worth), backed them up and organized them into Shutterbug albums. It seemed like such a big chunk of work to do, but really it was just a drop in the bucket. URGH! Ah well. It’s a start, anyway. :D

Wow . . . this is going to take a while.

Well, when I created this entry, I sort of knew that I had a lot of photos, but this week, the reality hit. I was going through the closet upstairs where I keep most of them, and YOW! I’ve got boxes and boxes of photos, also boxes of negatives. Some of them are sorted by year, etc. – others are not. And that doesn’t even take into consideration the several years’ worth of photos I’ve taken since I started using a digital camera. O_o I’ve got my work cut out for me, huh?

So, I’ve decided upon a plan of action. I’d already decided that I’m NOT going to create “paper” albums with all my photos (or, rather, the best of my photos). I want to create one album for each year; everything else, I’m going to do digitally. Saves a lot of physical space that way, and it will also save me on printing costs for all the digital photos. The only trouble is that this means that I’ve got lots of scanning to do for the photos I took before I got the digital camera. Unless . . . thinking out loud here . . . maybe those I will be more willing to just put into paper albums.

In any case, I want to start by going through all the photos I’ve already got printed out, and discard all the ones that I know will never go into an album. That should get rid of more than half of them right off the bat (probably more).

Then, I’m going to start in on my digital photos, and create albums from the time that I first went digital, and move forward. I want to do the later ones first, since those are the events that my memory will be fading on fastest. (I’m not worried about my most recent photos, since I’ve written LJ entries about anything I really want to remember). So, work forward through digital photos. While I’m doing this, I’ll take note of the very best photos, to put in the annual “real” albums.

There. That’s a plan anyway. Now, we’ll see how well I can stick to it. :)

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