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Rewrite "It's All in the Cards" (to final draft stage)

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Next Action

Go through all chapters, and get them into “second draft” stage, including making sure everything is in the proper order. This is more work than it sounds, as this will include the major rewrite of going back to my original idea (before I did the first major revision). I need to look at all my rough draft stuff, PLUS incorporate things from the rewrite which I still want to keep, even though most of that will be getting tossed out, or radically changed.

I actually started working on this earlier today, so YAY me. :)

In the mood to do some (re)writing

In getting ready for this year’s NaNo, I’ve found myself really itching to write . . . but since I can’t start anything new until November 1st, I thought I’d pull this book out and do some editing.

There have already been some changes . . . I’m going to change the title back to the original “It’s All in the Cards” (and save “Speak of the Devil” for a future book with these same characters, which is already starting to come together in my head. Probably the fourth in the series).

I haven’t done a whole lot of editing yet, but what I did do was get the whole thing in order in a brand new file – there are some places where I need to compare the original with my first re-write. Since I’m going back to my original comment, a lot of the re-write will get trashed, but there might be things in it that I’ll want to keep. So there’s probably a bit of busy-work ahead before I can actually get into any serious re-shaping of my prose.

In any case, it feels good to have it on the desktop again. Yeah. :)

Putting on hold for now

Not sure when I’ll be in the mood to work on this, so I’m putting it on hold for now. I’ll come back to it sooner or later, I think. :)

This was my 2004 NaNovel

I did write a complete first draft of this book for NaNoWriMo in 2005, and then did a pretty major overhaul during NaNoEdMo the following year. But now I’ve decided that I want to go back to my original concept for the book (more quirky, less romantic), and I want to do another re-write, and this time get it all the way to a presentable “final” draft. Not sure when this is going to happen, but now it’s on the list, at least it will cross through my consciousness once in a while!

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