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Flock of the Fallen


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Oh my gosh I haven’t checked in here for a while now. Well my wing progress is doing great. I hope everyone else is having awesome wing progress as well. O:-)


SkyBird and I are going to sleep. See you all tomorrow. O:-)


Comment on whether you agree or disagree with these positions.

Leader – Andre

Co-leader – Purple Rose

Fighters – Skipper, Rin, and Hero

First aid – Sum

Weaponry – Nudge and Skipper

Navigator – SkyBird

Money – Sum

Hacking – Hero

Planner – Skipper

Researcher – Nudge

Food – Sum


Is everyone ready to vote or not?


Here’s some people I think might fit certain positions. This is my opinion. If anyone wants to be a certain position just speak up.

Leader – Andre

Co-leader – Purple Rose

Fighters – Skipper, Rin, and Hero

Navigator – SkyBird

First Aid – Sum

Planner – Skipper

Weaponry – Nudge and Skipper

Hacker – Hero

Researcher – Nudge

Food – ???

my thoughts

I personally think that Andre should be the leader, SkyBird should be the navigator, and Rin and I should be guard and protection. These are my opinions. I don’t know what positions everyone else should be.

my profile

Name: Hero Winged

Age: 14

Hair: dirty blonde hair that goes down to my shoulder blades

Eye color: grey also looks blue or green sometimes

Skin: pale

Skills: I’m a good fighter, I’m brave, I’m a very fast runner and swimmer, I am the highest jumper in my entire school, I can make spells, I got leadership skills, I’ve got great hearing, I stay calm under tough situations, I help others, I’m good with sharp sticks and my fists, I’m protective, I have some hacking skills.

Weaknesses: I’m shy, I have a bit of a temper, I hallucinate, I sometimes get bossy, I’m usually tired in the morning, I’m a bit overly protective of SkyBird.

Country: United States of America

About me: I don’t really judge people, I love to read, SkyBird says I’m funny, I’m a bit self concious at school, I’m good at roller skating, and I my fav. bird is the Dove.

I'm joining

Im gonna join. :D

Once Peter gets an account he’ll join too. I’ll tell him about this flock.

For anyone who is wondering who Peter is. He is a friend of mine who I uh well like a lot.


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