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HippieChick2 in Phoenix is doing 2 things including…

Arrive at 60 healthier than I was at 50

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I have several mini goals that are related to this particular goal

One of them is to loose 23 pounds so that I am at the same weight that reflects on my drivers license and then get a new picture that doesn’t have a seriously fat face on it.

As of this morning, I am 1 pound away from meeting that goal. When I was 50 I weighed the most that I have ever weighed in my entire life. Right now, I weigh about the same as I did when I was 38 or 39. This morning, I realized that I really feel good in my skin; way better than I felt in my skin when I was 50. I am moving in the right direction.

Pretty pleased about this!

So this is where I come clean and confess everything . . .

I have some very specific health problems, genetics play a large part of it all, but I could/should be more proactive about letting them get any worse. Thank you Mom for passing your bad genetics on to me!!! I have a good majoriy of the issues that plagued my Mom. For the past ten years, I have been dealing with diabetes 2, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I also have depression. I have been very remiss in taking my medications or even getting regular follow-ups. I do take my paxil for depression without fail, but the rest of the stuff I am very hit and miss.

The doctor has been trying to get me to try different things for this diabetes, but I usually end up not doing them. There are two reasons for this. The first is that we still do not have insurance and meds are a a lot of money. The second is that everytime I try something new, a major side effect is diahrea and nausea which just kills me.

So last week I went to interview for a study which was on a new insullin. If you were accepted to the study, you would get this insullin and all your other meds free for the duration of the study which was about 1/2 year. I was excited. There would be nutritional information and everything!

Imagine my (seriously) surprise when they tell me that I am “not well enough” to be acepted into the study. Blood pressure too high, AC1 too high . . . go home lady, you’re too high!!!

I went home and I cried. I thought about my Mother who had the shittiest life ever because she was sick. She was sick because she refused to take proper care of herself. I think she didn’t think her life was shitty because she was doing what she wanted too which was to sit on the couch and watch T.V and eat whatever she wanted too. She didn’t leave the house except to go to the doctor and her only stays away were when she went into the hospital which she liked because then she got to watch T.V and eat in bed.

I have a great life with Mr HC and we have great plans for our future. How can I have this future with him if I am not well enough? I can’t blame everything on genetics. I have to take responsibiblity.

So for the first time ever, I am putting all of this out there. I have these issues and I am going to deal with them.

I have started taking my blood sugars every day like I am supposed too. I have started taking my meds everyday like I am supposed too. When we get back from Morro Bay I will go to the doctor and whether I like it or not I will allow him to prescribe the medications that I need to get everything completely under control.

The life that my Mother chose for herslf is not acceptable to me. I will get this under control and have the life I want . . .

I have been giving a lot of thought about this goal

60 is sneaking up on me. I am already somewhat healthier than I was at 50. I weigh less for one thing and that is nothing to sneeze at. Some of the things that I want to work on and be better at are:

1) Continue to eliminate the clutter in my life. It makes me unhappy and it actually makes me feel kind of anxious.

2) Start taking an Omega 3 Supplement. It is hard for me to incorporate foods that are high in anitoxidants as Mr. Hc tends to not care for them. I am thinking that this would really be a helpful thing. I also have for the past year making i a point o drink about 64oz of water every day. That is water in addition to anything else I drink. I always drink coffee in the morning, rarely any other time so the water hads been in addiion to the coffee. I have a problem sometims with diet pepsi and I have been trying to choose water ove the diet pepsi or at least limit myself to 1 a day. 2 at the very maximum.

3) Continue to focus on the positive. I have noticed that whenever I get into complaining mode, or I am around people who are complainers I start to be unhappy.

4) Create and maintain a daily routine. I am not much of a meditator, but I can visualize a daily routine of drinking coffee on the patio with the dogs and reading in the morning first thing. That is a nice way to start the day and I should do it every day

5) Exercise. I hate this. I plan to find a way to make this fun for me. I am looking at some short DVDs that are for old lazy ass people as myself. I really love to dance. I wish I could talk one of my friends into going to a Zumba class. I need to work on this one.

6) Continue writing graditutes I have been making it a point to write something everyday under my “this good thing happened today” maybe I will change the goal to daily Gratitudes

7) Spend time with people I like/love. Pretty much I have decided that I am not wasting any time on people I don’t like. I know this is shitty, but I really don’t like my sister or my one brother. I am not saying that I don’t care for them, I do, I just don’t like them. There are other people that I really just don’t like or enjoy their company. I just don’t think it is mentally healthy to try and fake it anymore.

8) Eat more veggies everyday. Mr. HC hates veggies. Sometimes I don’t even cook veggies, just meat and potatoes to keep him happy. I am going to make lots of green veggies and salads. He doesn’t have to eat them if he does want too, but I am going to make them and eat them. personally I want to eat more fiber and less meat. Mr. HC can continue to eat more meat and less fiber, but I need to eat what is healthy for me. He doesn’t have to eat it if he doesn’t want too. Maybe he will start to eat fiber and veggies if they are offered as a choice rather than an alternative. His idea of a well balnaed meal is meat with a side of meat and potatoes

9) Sleep at least 8 hours every night (more if I can!!!) I love to sleep!!!

10) Plan our food better I sometimes defer to Taco Bell when I haven’t planned. Taco Bell is O.K., but it is not a healthy choice regardless of what their commercials say. I am going to plan our meals better.

2 years to go as of yesterday

working on this . . .

We are leaving for New Orleans tomorrow morning

and today when we were poking around the store we found these kinda cool pedometers. They measure your steps taken and estimate calories burned. It just seemed like a fun thing to take with us to a city where we walk all over and eat too much!!!

A Good Work-out plan for the Christmas Holidays

was brought to my attention today!!!

When I was sick a couple weeks ago

I lost about 10 pounds. I hadn’t eaten for a couple days and I was sweating like crazy and I mostly sleep for two – three days. I assumed the weight could come back. It was a “sick” weight loss, not an actual diet and excercise weight loss.

When I weighed myself this morning . . . only two pounds are back!!! I have noticed that my appetite is still diminished and the antibiotic I have been taking makes me feel a little queasy so I tend to be very careful right now.

Don’t know what is going on exactly, I just know that I appreciate the weight loss!

I actually am maybe a little healthier now

than I was at 50. I know I weight less than I did when I was 50, but I can be way better. I have an awesome husband that I didn’t meet until I was 49. I want to enjoy a long long life with him. I need to work at this to make it happen. It will happen!!!

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