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Gain 1 kg of muscles

7 cheers


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I will

turn 30 in about 8 months..
I want to be at my best shape ever when i turn 30..
There is alot of hard work ahead of me now but im up for it, i love to exercise

Hard work!

Ive come to realize that this goal will be hard to reach within a year which was my aim, given my 3 months in South America. The challenge will be to find a gym on a regular basis and at least to try to eat right..And the beer..Sometimes a beer taste so good when your “on the road” I will try my best to keep fit and when i get home i will get goin with this goal again at 100%

Im loving it!

I have finnaly made it a good habit and it has become a drug to me to go to the gym! Im addicted!:) Next step is to get more knowledge about how to eat right in order to get the results i want:)

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