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list 43 things that i like about myself

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Things About Me

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Things About Myself

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24: I can be really deep
25: Im not afraid of getting out of my “comfort zone”
26: I can be logic
27: I know how to analyse things
28: If i want to know something i search for the answer
29: Im humble most of the time (it might not sound like it if you read this list here but this is a way for me to boost my self-esteem more:)
30: Im a dreamer
31: I make strategies
32: I get people to open up and talk about them selves rather than me talking about myself
33: I like to help the people i care about


23: Im not a proud person. If someone tells me i have a problem, i listen, and if they are right i try to change it..Im not afraid of being wrong ( like if someone told me im bad at spelling in english i wouldnt be hurt:)


21: I have a strong intuition and im getting better at listening to it!
22: Im good at understanding other people..


14: Creative
15: Im curious
16: Im Artistic (I write, make good food, take pictures, sing, play instruments etc)
17: Im smart
18: I love nature and beautiful things
19: Im not afraid to try new things
20: Im social


1: Im a good listener
2: I go after my goals
3: Im in touch with my feelings
4: Im relaxed around people
5: I learn new things fast
6: I care about other people, friends and my family
7: Im musical talented
8: Im nice to people
9: i know how to encourage my friends and family


10: Adventurous..
11: I work hard
12: I try my best
13: Im funny

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