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Personal study and research time!

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I have

been kind of avoiding this goal for a long time now, because i know it might lead to some anxiety dealing with this, but it will be worth it in the end..
I will give this a seriouse try now.
I fugure this goal is complete when i can say i have made up my mind and have my own opinions about some sertain things in a very big area of my life..

New focus!

I have a new focus on this goal..There are things i really need to “dig into” and make my own opinions about in my life..Things ive been “brought up with”..
My new goal here is to dedicate one night every week for this


dividing this goal down to a more specific goal..

My goal here is to prepare for the meetings every week..
And have at least one day each week dedicated to this goal..


Listening to mp3 at work almost every day with with the topics i want to learn more about.. Good job Me!:)


in sweden and life goes on as normal..
I need to have routines when it comes to this goal..
I just talked with a friend about having one day a week as “study time” together..


finnish with my ¨personal study¨ book this month..
The next 2 books to dig into will have to be the ÿearbook¨ of 2012 and the ¨green BIG history book¨.. I want to have one day every week (at least) for personal study..

Im using

my time while im travelling and not working the best i can to work on this goal..Im reading in my “personal study” book almost everyday now..

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