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be radio DJ


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Holly Holdsworth has written 1 entry about this goal

Big developments

I thought I’d set this goal and come back in years and years time, chuckle and tick it off. But here I am, just a few short months.
I haven’t achieved it just yet but I am well on the way. I’ve been doing work experience at my local BBC radio station, and after a lot of hard work they’ve put me on their fill in for answering phones and doing Broadcast Assistant duties when the full-timers are ill or away.

Then I discovered my local community radio station, it’s run entirely on volunteers and electricty etc is paid for by advertising. After a while volunteering on off-air duties a few of the presenters would invite me to say a quick hello and how are you on the shows. Then in a panic the news reader realised he had to be in two places at once, so I read his bulletin (very badly) but he’s let me do it since.

I asked around at the station for people who knew, to show me the desk set up in the studio, just so I knew.
And you’ll never guess, but when a presenter dropped out at the last minute I volunteered myself to cover it, and they said go on then. So far I’ve just done covers like this, and it’s a far cry from a paid job, but it’s a most definite start.

I’ll just keep putting myself forward, recording all my experience and keep believing.


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