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Do an act of secret service every week for a year


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Progress: fair

Sinec my last entry, I (with family and/or church members) have done a couple of things I’d call “service,” but this goal is really about inculcating a mindset: a permanent, constant concern for the welfare of others.

Two things can do this: praying for the gift, and making plans to do specific things for people in my planning for each week. Ultimately, though, I want to be the kind of person who spontaneously puts helping others-in whatever way I can-first. It’s not who I am yet, but I do want to get there.

Next: regular prayer and planning


Tp change an attitude-for example, to develop charity-one must practice the actions associtaed with that attitude. In this case, it means doing charitable things. As I try to focus on this, I see myself growing more accustomed to thinking about how to help people.

But I’m far from living up to this goal as it’s phrased above. I need to review a list of church and family members, among others, each week, and plan who to help (and when and how), and I need to keep a journal of this work, for tracking and self-support. Starting today.


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