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Save $10,000

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keep on trying

Well now i have a secret account thet I am hiding from myself for this. It is in another bank and the idea is to just FORGET about the money if it goes in there. Also god forgive me but I am hiding it from my husband who knows i have the account but does not know how much is in it. Because he might calculate it into something so i am just refusing to tell whats in there I say “almost nothing” which is relitively true, compared to how many american dollars exist, my $2000.00 is almost nothing. So $8000.00 to go and I’m not taking it out for any reason inshallah just considering it as not even existing. Now I paid my hight intrest credit card ,so i have no guilt about saving, well somethimes i think I should pay my car with it. BUT NO. Mashallah, I wish my husband would start making bank too and give me a bunch of money but anyway…even on my own I think this is a reasonable goal to try and complete by next Ramadan. If i can resist buying anything.

I'm lame...

8 months and I am actually farther away from this goal…

This is how I can complete this goal

1. sell all my company stocks and put the money in my savings-done deal. But then I have nothing in E-trade.
2.Put $1000 a month in for the next six months. Ouch. But possible.
3. get a job and put all my earnings in savings, part time job mabey it will take four or five months instead of six. Ug but I dont wanna get another job yet.
4.Cash in my retirement account. Tax penalties… and I have to wait until after April 2008 because I guess my old company has to put my profit share in then even though I quit haha.
5.Pray for a windfall.

Perhaps I should get another job

or sell some of my stuff. OR stop buying things!


Well, I dipped into my savings ALOT. Now I’m about 1/5 of the way to this goal. But I’m not giving up.


about half way but dipping into the savings when I want things…

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