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stick to my diet


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IMAWINNER has written 8 entries about this goal

i have to loose this weight it is life or death

if i don’t loose this weight i will be miserable and old and in pain since i have had two terrible accidents…i better take care now and not wait until later…i am scared and this is my only option….

im doing it again

Never stop stopping…..i have been faithful on my diet since Christmas and am 8 pounds lighter with 25 to go…..

gain gain gain

i am starting over yet again…i need prayers…i have given in to my disease of negativity spiraling into punishment by food…i AM OVER IT…I WILL BEAT THIS THYROID CONDITION AND CONTINUAL WEIGHT GAIN BY DIET…EXERCISE…AND PERSERVERANCE….STARTING AT 175….ENDING HEALTHY AND 145 IN 9 MONTHS…AUGUST,2008

just starting again

i am starting weight watchers today again…i choose to do this until i loose all the weight to make me feel comfortable in my own skin…i need to loose at least 20 pounds or more…so today i journaled all my food and stayed within guidelines

herbalife is good

started something new…want to stick with it..i am spiraling down fast…weight watchers lifetime member and maintained for 3 years and quit attending meeting now back where i started 6 years later….trying herbalife and will go back to weight watchers

weight watchers

Well southbeach was too hard and did not work for me…i put it all back on and a couple more…back to weight watchers…im lifetime member and i know it is the most sensible and works best for me… been on track for two plus weeks..lost about three pounds…but no sacrifice…took the feedback of the scale and there you go…just 11 pounds over my lifetime weight…gotta keep going

wow south beach diet rocks

I started south beach on monday after being off sugar for a month or so…I stepped on the scales this morning friday 5 days later and I am down 7 pounds..Just the boost I needed to keep going. I am on phase one which takes out sugar, white flour products, potatoes, fruit, etc…i tried adkins and it was too hard butthis has been easy..the hardest day was the second i wanted to eat and did just stayed within the real of south beach…yesterday i took my team at work out and the cinnamon rolls at CiCis was the biggest challenge but i made i have 15 pounds or so to go…and 8 more days on phase one

south beach

I have been south beach for three days and lost 4 pounds….I had a bad day yesterday…but i got through it without cheating..i wanted to so bad!!!! so this morning when i stepped on the scales i was glad i didnt…..i want to wear a bikini in FLA on memorial and look good before i get tooooo oollllddddd!!!


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