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Do the opposite to what my instincts tell me

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Update 11

Ever since I stopped talking so much, I feel more focused and calm. It’s actually a lot better. Also I am back to doing 2 wks of school each day, can’t say I am enthusiastic. Well, I am until it comes down to it, haha. Self teaching of art may get stagnant within the next few weeks, due of course to my ginormous amount of Math homework I have to get done this quarter. I am sad because I just got started with drawing again, and I want to learn the anatomy! >:(

Oh well, cheers.

Back on track

The past few days have been stagnant with this goal. This is an active philosophy, like most, and requires daily attention to keep it up. I haven’t been giving it that attention, due to stress and bizaar schedule changes. Still no excuse, but no big deal either.

Nothing I can’t fix, so I am getting back on track with the ‘Opposite’. Or in other words, doing what I truly want over my (natural?) impulses lolz.

I do have an update though. Ever since not doing the ‘Opposite’, I have felt doubtful, as well as stressed with myself. Honestly, I believe that it is because I have been slacking off with my activities.


Still doing great, getting my school work done, and just started drawing regularly… Actually almost obsessively. I did go one day without doing home work, I kind of feel bad about it. :P


Honestly, between the opposite and a goal tracker technique “seinfeldian chain”, my life has been better. There are things I haven’t applied this technique to yet, but I am getting to them. However the opposite philosophy has been the driving force behind my goals and homework actually getting done no matter what the circumstance.

I get it done, take action, or else it won’t happen. I am proud to say I owe it to this “way” I guess you can call it.


More ramblings.

How I know when to do the opposite is important, and I have learned how just recently. In most times, if I am not truly happy with something, my inner voice will tell me to take action while my instincts tell me to stay the same and that it is impossible to change. My instincts instil false fears, irrational what ifs, things to hold me back from what may be difficult to achieve, but in the long run will make me truly confident and happy.

This alarm, that I explained above. It pops up when I get an opportunity to change, that split second that determines everything. That second where I find myself on the brink of either facing my fears and leaping for it, or sitting it out and living my old displeasing life.

It really comes down to the matter of listening to your inner self, and what you really want out of life. Most times I let my natural way dominate my every decision. I finally understand, and I just can’t let that control my life. So committing to the sheer idea of doing the opposite to my impulses if I am unhappy no matter what is empowering enough to coax me into taking action for myself.

Fear doesn’t hold much water with me anymore. Life seems too short. Initially this wasn’t really a serious idea, but the more I do it, the more it seems logical to everything. At least for me. I am not even close to checking this, I probably never will. It is important however, and I intend on practicing it until I begin to naturally (if I do at all) listen to my voice.

Edit: I feel the need to compare and contrast “istening to you inner-voice” and the “opposite” philosophy.


I was sitting idle thinking about it, and wanted to define it a bit for myself.

To be successful with this philosophy, it is certain you must commit to the idea behind doing the opposite of your immediate impulses. The idea is to, no matter what (unless phyisically ill), no matter how you feel at the moment, or what your instincts tell you, you must do the opposite to what your impuleses are telling you to do.

This is the only way to really control yourself and do in the end what you truly want. It isn’t neccessarily the opposite that does it, just doing what you may not feel like doing at the time, to advance yourself in the long run. Opposite just adds a certain defining charm to it.

I use this with anything in my life that isn’t working for me, and I want to change.


Today I did two weeks of overdue homework, and I plan to do the same amount each day until I have it caught up. I actually started by resisting my urges to do other things, and it got easier for me as I went along.

I admit I feel a lot more “in place” now that I have started doing things opposite to how I used to do them. Next quarter I have Math, which I am doing poor at. It’s my current plan to force myself to do my week of math before doing anything else to ensure I do it.

Doing the opposite is the power to resist urges, which in turn is a wonderful practice. It really tests how weak or strong you are.


I have noticed that things I use this for are turning slowly into habits, which is definitely good. I pretty much just deny my urges knowing that they lead me down the wrong path. Instead I force myself to do the opposite, and succeed.

I have been practicing.

I have been practicing this goal as a life philosophy, and have learned a bit more about it as a result. I still feel a bit confused about the concept itself, but I think that will change as I go along. I have so far been applying it to physical fitness, as well as school work, and other trivial small things that I won’t bother mentioning. The one that has been the most difficult is school work.

I learned a few things about this concept, like I mentioned above. One being that for example I now love my workout routine, which means I no longer need to constantly apply the opposite because my instincts and urges are no longer convincing me to not do my routine. As for other things such as my endurance routine, I find it difficult to get myself to do it, let alone get through it. That is when I know that I need to apply the ‘opposite’ to my life in that area. I did go through my endurance routine even though I wasn’t feeling up to it at all today, and I still don’t feel the love for it, I feel tired, ha! I know it was good for me though, not to sit on my ass. It simply wouldn’t work for me if I let myself not do it… I know this, and I decide to take control over myself rather than let my urges control me and my actions.

I think part of why I feel confused and sort of hopeless following this philosophy is because I am going at it all at once, sort of forcing it. Too much of anything can be bad, and I think it drains me mentally as well as physically. My hormones can’t be helping me either… Ha! More on, I think it is also because it isn’t really a conventional way of life, and it makes me feel like I am alone, and it appears to be a hopeless route.

However it is a great road to go down, even though it may seem and be difficult. In the end, it will prove to be successful. If I do the opposite of what is making me unhappy in life, I will be doing something that makes me happy no matter how hard it proves to be.

One other thought I had. The reason I don’t feel completely comfortable with right now may be because it isn’t a inspirational technique really, it is bare bones. It pretty much is straight-forward and there really is nothing special to it except, do it. There are no rewards except for what you get in the long run. Knowing this sort of makes me feel a little more aquainted with the technique.


I am writing an explanation for myself and others that might wonder what or how to go about this.

The logic: If every instinct/impulse I have (in a specific area) is wrong, the opposite must be right.
In other words, if something isn’t working for me, I will do the opposite of what I would normally do.

I pondered about how I would use this technique in my life, whether to use it with everything, or just some things. I figured that I would pick a certain area in my life that was failing, and do the complete opposite of my impulses no matter what, until I get the results I want. So that is what I am beginning to do.

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