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Keep a journal


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Maybe I can

I think i might have found a way to keep a journal. If i don’t do it this way i have come up with another way that just might work. I like to be on the computer so i went to and made one there only i am not sure how i will like people reading my every thought. Then again i write here so i don’t guess it matters now does it? If i don’t like it there then i will just create a journal thru a program on my computer. I think that would work.


I so suck at this game. I cannot keep a journal for crap. I get bored with it. I forget to write in it and then before i know it i am using the paper for jots for a story i am working on rather than for a journal. It ends up a place for phone numbers that need to be written down. A place for notes to tell someone to feed the dog. Never for what it is supposed to be for. Why cant i do it. I can’t seem to write anything in them that seems journal worthy. It is always boring rambling, but isn’t that what a journal is for? I don’t understand why i cant do it. It should be the simplest of things to do. I cannot seem to do it tho. Tearing my hair out here!


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