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stop being lazy


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I am such a lazy cow. I actually mean it and I know it. Everyone I know says I’m lazy and it doesnt offend me because I know its true. Yet I do nothing about it. I just shrug it off like it’s not a big deal and that its just a trait of mine. I shouldnt do that. So I’m going to change. I am going to get up out of bed to matter what. Not lie til the afternoon feeling sorry for myself. If someone needs help or needs something doing Im not going to say “later” or “do it yourself”. Im going to actually help and do it. By doing this not only will it make me not lazy, but it will make me a nicer, friendlier, more helpful person and will also make me feel more active and like I’m actually doing something with my life instead of lazing about doing nothing.
Don’t get me wrong, I do get up for college, but sometimes I just refuse to go because Im so nice and cosy in my bed and basically being lazy. That is going to change. Starting now.


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