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keep the house cleaner


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House Cleaner

I have hired a house cleaner! Does this count? I’m still not happy with my part so I’m keeping this on the list

The Main Part

I’ve been doing better with the main part of the house. The bedrooms are a complete Tornado though.


I have people coming to my house every Friday. I’m hoping this will get me in the routine of picking up after myself so I don’t have to do a big clean up Thursday night.

Back Slide

I had a back slide when we had a power outage. It was so dark for days I couldn’t see to put anything away! My house quickly became a mess! I’m actually taking a break now from trying to get it straightened back up again. I attempted this earlier in the week. I hope I can finish this tonight so I can get back on track with this goal.

Still Going

I’m still doing pretty well at this. Maybe if I can keep it up till Christmas I will mark this off of my list!

Been A Week

It’s been a week and the house is still looking good! Knock On Wood!


I am finally unpacked from my move and the house is neat for the company this weekend. So…..I’m going to try to keep it going. We’ll see how it works!


I got in a good habit of keeping things clean when I was selling my house. I would like to keep it up but it’s really hard when I’m not unpacked (and being lazy about it) and situated in the new house yet. I’m afraid by the time I’m settled in here I will have gotten out of the good habits I got into!


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