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volunteer at the Humane Society

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InTheForest has written 5 entries about this goal

Too Busy

I’ve been to busy to do this but I’m keeping it on my list. For some reason I am really nervous about it.

Downloaded The Form

I downloaded the form to sign up the other day and filled a lot of it out. I have been really busy and forgot about it. I just saw an APSCA commercial which reminded me I need to do this. I feel a part of me that is reluctant to do this and trying to put it off. I think I am scared that the animals will make me sad. Also the thought of doing something new scares me a little.

Get On This!

I need to get on this! Summer is practically here!

Will Do This During The Summer

I just checked out the local Humane Society website. I think my work schedule conflicts with most of the hours they are open but I have decided I will do this during the summer when I have lots of extra free time. I’m kind of anxious and wish I could get started now while I’m thinking about it.

Always thought about this

I have always thought about doing this but I’m very shy and the thought of doing new things like this makes me nervous. I’m also hoping it doesn’t make me sad seeing the animals with no homes. I really like reading the stories of other people who have done this. It sounds like everyone has found it enjoyable and a good experience. Maybe I will go check out the local humane society website right now.

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