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The violin

I am sitting in my living room with the balcony door wide open, and there is somebody in my building playing violin for the past hour or so. So beautiful, it’s almost surreal. And they are a good player, whoever they are.
So I sat here, stopped what I was doing and just listened to the violin…and then I became really agitated. It started to annoy me. Now, this is a quiet area, I usually only hear the sound and laughter of children playing, and they never bug me. So Why is this violin so annoying all of a sudden? It’s beautiful music, I love this instrument, and, like I said, whoever is playing it, knows what they are doing.

I thought about it for a few minutes, and I realized it’s all about control. I am enjoying it now, but if they overdo it, or start some boring practice pieces, I won’t be able to stop them. If this same music was playing on the radio, or I chose it from a CD or YouTube or whatever, it wouldn’t annoy me because I’d have the “power” of the Stop button.

And this was such a sad thought.
When did I become so accustomed to artificially created surroundings?
When did I start liking taped music over live one?
When did I start thinking I have “control”, or I have to have control over what goes on around me?
What happened?

Something to think about while I pour myself another glass of juice and enjoy the sweet sounds of violin.

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