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find a job i like

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Persephone has written 5 entries about this goal

The 2 month marked.

I have been at my job for 2 months. I like it. I like the people. I worry way too much. I worry that I might lose it because I am either not trying hard enough or I don’t know enough. I’m scared. So I try hard. I’m friendly but make a point not to talk too much the only problem is that my short attention span gets the best of me(not as of late) but it usually does. I just drift off having problems with my thoughts. Either I need to know song lyrics or all of the sudden I get a weird non-related thought. I also have Yanoo on my browser so I won’t miss the days events and I can talk to my friends but for the first 2 months I would just stay at my desk and work, rarely take a break and so I guess that would be the reason why I have problems with my attention span. I go to the perl monger meetings and all the professional stuff I should do . As of late I started to take a break. I found a park right by my work so I can go there for lunch and hang outside weather permitting.

I think I might be a little paranoid. It’s just that my work partner keeps making slight (very slight) comments of applying for other jobs. It’s not that he says oh go apply for this job, it’s more like we’re talking about someone else we’ve meet at a professional function and we talk about their shops then look at the openings and he jokes oh you can go work for them. :/ weird situation.

I rocked today with the permissions of the users. I know that like the back of my hand. I guess that the reason why they hired me wasn’t from my skills but might be because I had a security clearance from the military.

Oh… I’m not sure… I also need to buy a new laptop or netbook bc my machine died. :( Thinking netbook. There is so many things. So many thoughts. I need to learn how to take my damn breaks and go to the damn park and clear my damn head.

I got a job!

I start on Tuesday! Not too shabby. This is my first Software Development job! yay! no more tech support! :D!

It is my determnation that I will find a job by Feb!

I know the recession has everyone’s balls in a vice grip. However, I am going to make a determination to obtain employment by February!

Sh*t.. I just don;t know where to look...

I have no clue where to start. I graduate in March. I feel like a retard when I program. I have no clue where I should begin or where I should start. I need to find a job fast.

hmmm… what to do what to do… where to go?

I’m so lost. HELP!

I got laid off...

But not like I cared. I hated that company.
HOWEVER.. I am looking for a new job and I am looking for a place to grow so I can become a developer.

Had some good job interviews. Let’s see what works out!

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