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Irielight has written 5 entries about this goal


so i am turning into this total flirt. maybe its the realization that im hot or that guys think im hot. Anyway still no boyfriend no real prospects though i have been geting a lot more action lately not the kine action like that but like my # being asked for random date asking and guys thiking im cute sooo maybe there is luck..


why do i have to be a wierdo and freak out everytime a guy like me? he is short. i gave him my number. i hate dates and akward things they suck. i think im afraid of myself. hmm i should add that to my things. stop being afraid of myself

with a capitol L

I feel like such a loser. Ihate to be a self pity-er but seriusly. Im 22 never had a boyfrind. It realy sucks. Im a little shy. Im a little kooky. But im pretty cool and cute. If a guy like me i will find something wrong with him. But Its like i dont even know where to meet guys. blah


so it’s a funny thing that i wrote that yesterday. My friends ex boyfriend has been hitting on me. he came into my job the other day and i was like maybe he is just friendly. Ill see how he acts next time and then today he busted out the lamest pick up line ever. Do u know what time it is. He is supper lame. I find that sexy. maybe remind me of myself. But yeah i mean i seen my friend go through shit becuse of him. But she was a little crazy too. she moved now but im shame to talk to him infront of cetain people becuse i think he freinds might see it and tell her and then she’d surley hate me anyway im turning this into some big drama. when all he did is ask me what time it is walk with me. talk small talk. and say oh yeah i see u later. scandolus. he knows me from her to why would he even try to talk to me. i feel like a dumby thinking falling along if it goes through. but ive been smart for so long and all it has left me with is being alone and looked at like some wierdo. i told you im ready to crazy which means illogical.

a sad story

yeah so i am 22 never had a boyfriend in my life. And im not like supper ugly. Lets just say the gorilla dosn’t do me justice. so guys hit on me and i put up this wall. Its like im scared i guesse or just supper picky i don’t know but im sick of it and i think that im going to go crazy as i did when i was younger. Ive made out with one guy and he was supper hot. It was just a party drunk kine hook up but it was da bomb. except i felt like the biggest slut after. you know when hands raom. But yeah im like supper innocent and i can’t help it. its like my essence. But so i told my self that the next guy that hits on me wheather he be an ugly fucker or a sexy dady im going to play along. no wall no being afraid no being a picky bitch. live life regret not. What do you think should i lower mystandards and just jump? should i continue to be picky? ANy tips on how to get a man?


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