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crochet a blanket

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Some good teaching tools...

OK, I bought a “Teach Yourself to Crochet” Kit from Wall-mart for $11.00. It comes with a nice little book and all the little gadgets and a bunch of different sized crochet hooks. When I got frustrated at the illustrations, I went on to and punched in “Learn to Crochet” and this video came up about this woman that goes by the name of knit witch or something to that affect, and shows you step by step single stitches, double stitches and all the others. Highly recommended. Right now I’m starting my first throw blanket, using the single stitch because even though I know it will take forever, I think it’s the prettiest and by far the easiest. The next blanket I will make will use different stitches but for now I’m comfortable with this. So far I have about a 6’x5” bit of work, that I’m insanely proud of. This is a very therapeutic and I look forward to seeing the finished result.

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