Iron Man in Fredenberg Township is doing 37 things including…

call to order a meeting of the "Slightly Off" Club

9 cheers


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Iron Man has written 8 entries about this goal

Presently the picture function isn't working properly

It’s actually helping in this, because the picture which was chosen totally randomly has had its thumbnail replaced randomly to some picture I don’t even have in my computer. Very strange. It’s like this malfunction was made for this goal.

Okay, I did it

I’m sure someone will be absolutely befuddled. It’s the kind of thing that just makes someone go “TILT!”

This is an odd little vid

Kinda funny. I like it. Actually,">It’s awesome

Hope you all dig just what I ssssay.

This is a very true story, so pay attention

The other day I was walking down past the high school, and across the road from the school I saw a group of pot heads giggling and playing wih a Ouija Board. They were very pathetic looking, and it annoyed me that my taxes would probably have to go to support their sorry arses for the rest of my life. Nevertheless I gave them some friendly advice.
“Hey there, you idiot, loser scumbags. You better wacth what you’re doing with that Ouija Board. Lots of strange things could happen. You could get in a whole lot of trouble playing with that thing.”
“You sure got that right”, a voice that came from the Ouija thing exclaimed.
The voice sounded vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t believe that what I was hearing was true.
“What’s the matter, Iron Man? Don’t you recognize the voice of your old Captain?”
“In the flesh, buddy.” The voice then stammered for a moment, then finally added, “Well not exactly. Well actually not at all. Well in the board anyway. It’s a damned expression man. So sue me.”
“I thought you could only be reached through Madaam Poodoo.”, I said.
“Well, that’s almost true. Pot smoking, Ouija Board using punks work too.”
“How do I know it’s really you, Captain, and not some demon imposter who will want to sell me outdated encyclopedias?”
“I’ll tell you a story that you should post on 43 Things for me. After you hear my story, you will know for sure that it is truly yours truly.”
All the potheads said during all this was, “Oh wow, man, like this is really like wow.”
“Have you guys ever thought about donating your brains for garden fertilizer?”, The voice asked them. “Well on with my story…..

Stardate 1557, 4003

I awoke in my chamber of slumber. I was alone. Under my comfy pillows was a box of used trachea stoma filters that I had misinterpreted as a box of saltine crackers last evening in a state of extreme bleary-eyedness. As they tasted acceptable to me I began marking out the original text on the box and wrote, “Saltines” in its place. There, my first official command of the day was finished and I was still in my underwear. Not bad, not bad at all.

It was just then that my slumber chamber door slid open and our mail boy Jimbo burst through. Jimbo was out of breath and in an extreme state of disarray. Thinking that this was just another case of a rubber band shortage caused by the yearly atomic engine overall I paid little attention and continued the work at hand.

“Captain, someone changed the yacc syntax to be line-oriented, rather than having it run against the entire input at once, and adding a flag to struct tab, to indicate if or not it’s acceptable for a command to occur. The transfer got interrupted and issued a command other than ABOR, the transflag remains set, because only abor can do a longjmp to urgcatch. A small but very important bug makes it possible to interrupt any command with SIGURG! As you know many other bugs are NOT reentry-safe. By delivering a signal when Malloc the wise is free or any other big smart guy of his kind is being called, all subsequent calls to the heap management routines made from a signal handler would have a unpredictable effect, as heap state is completely unpredictable.” Jimbo exclaimed. I immediately decided to pretend I knew what Jimbo was talking about. I carefully placed the delicious used trachea stoma filters in my pantry because I thought they would be good with peanut butter. My only thoughts were about Jimbo and how he had interrupted my thoughts about stoma filters. Bastard!

I decided it would look good if I ran through the door screaming in terror. This was easy enough but as I ran the automatic sliding door closed unexpectedly and sliced off my left buttocks. It was now laying on the floor looking like a pink and very hairy watermelon that had been sliced in half. My screams of terror took on a renewed vigor. As I ran I did not notice that due to recent removal of my left buttocks I ran slightly to the right as the weight of the right buttocks pulled my body mass in that direction. I thought I was running straight but in reality I ran in a very large right circle and found myself in the women’s auxiliary PMS ward where I was severely pummeled with ball peen hammers. Realizing that if I made four right turns I would turn left I managed to escape with minimal brain damage.”

After that I knew for sure. I bowed in the general direction of the voice, and said, “Oh Haptmann, Mein Captain. I shall do as you have bidden me.”

Ok, good and slightly-off people,

I think it’s time to do something that will absolutely confuse the everloving sheet out of us all here. Wear someone else’s face for a week. No one will know who the heck they’re talking to (other than by our own colloquialisms, grammar, and writing styles).

Ok good and slightly off people,

here’s your mission, if you think you can handle it. Rouenpucelle and I were talking last night and between our warped minds, we hatched a fun idea. We take some poem or lyrics to a not too well known song, and post them as a comment to some poor unsuspecting Zeitgeister’s totally unrelated entry, and then we postscript it with “this is a gift from the Slightly Off Club.”

The world out there is too serious, and we have to do something to remedy that.

I might suggest though, that you check out this person’s other entries, to be sure that this person isn’t the type to get all wigged out and report you as harrassing or something – then we’ll all have to go to the City Hall page and bail yer arse out.

This message will not self destruct but continue to sit in the cyber vaults of 43T until you have accomplished your task.

And hey y'all

I think this should be a team kind of thing, don’t you? How do you turn this onto team, if you’ve already joined. I sent out my invites as a team, so that new members can be thus, but how do we fix that for you other three?

Accept? Of course I accept

I am a charter member. Actually, if I hadn’t gotten this invitation by one of you, you guys would have been receiving one from me today.

Have you invited the Captain, Cheese Pants, and LeMous, just to name a few?

Iron Man has gotten 9 cheers on this goal.


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