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Memorize 200 Aircraft Idents and Configs


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ICAO Ident: SBR1

Manu.: Rockwell

Title: Sabre 625

Engines/Weight: 2 / Medium

Speed: 430 knots cruising

Other: Tricycle retractable gear, used widely by the US Navy as an all-weather surveillance trainer. (Pictured: a private N976-SR)


ICAO Ident: V22

Manu.: Bell Textron – Boeing Integrated Weapons

Title: Osprey

Engines/Weight: 2 / Medium

Speed: 210 knots cruising

Other: Tricycle retractable gear, VTOL capability, has been in design for almost 30 years at a cost of 35 billion to the developers and the Pentagon and killed over 50 people in testing (unverified). The merit to the V-22 is its ability to VTOL large loads and cruise at a reasonable speed for easy extraction or insertion; however, the engines are prone to random failure, icing, de-synchronization, and the craft does not have the ability to auto rotate or to glide because of its bulky and heavy design. (Pictured: a USMC V22 with mid-air refueling harness)


ICAO Ident: BE23

Manu.: Beechcraft

Title: Musketeer

Engines/Weight: 1 / Light

Speed: 110 knots cruising

Other: Tricycle gear, low wing, panoramic windscreen, once used by the RCAF as a single engine trainer. (Pictured: C-FSJL)


ICAO Ident: F900

Manu.: Dassault

Title: Falcon 900 (Mystere 900)

Engines/Weight: 3 / Medium

Speed: 520 knots cruising

Other: Tricycle retractable gear, medium weight-exec jet, compact streamlined fuselage. (Pictured: CS-DFH)


ICAO Ident: H47

Manu.: Boeing Vertol

Title: Chinook

Engines/Weight: 2 / Medium

Speed: 150 knots cruising

Other: Tactical heavy lifter, the rotation of the rotors is counter-balanced and counter directional to apply almost all of the engine torque to lift, on wheels. (Pictured: a US Army Chinook lifting an M777 long-range, high-impact howitzer)


ICAO Ident: A332

Manu.: Airbus Industrie

Title: A-330 200 Series

Engines/Weight: 2 / Medium

Speed: 470 knots cruising

Other: Tricycle retractable gear, bulbous cargo and avionics section below, prominent winglets, swept tail. (Pictured: an Emirates Airlines A332)


ICAO Ident: PA23

Manu.: Piper

Title: Apache

Engines/Weight: 2 / Light

Speed: 160 knots cruising

Other: 6 seat Piper twin, tricycle retractable gear, 3 side windows past the cockpit. (Pictured: C-GXRP parked at City Centre)


ICAO Ident: DC92

Manu.: Douglas

Title: DC-9-20 Series (Current production version is the McDonnell Douglas MD-80)

Engines/Weight: 2 / Medium

Speed: 480 knots

Other: Retractable tricycle composite gear, T-tail, two engines set to the aft of the fuselage located halfway up: just beneath the window line. (Pictured: UM Air DC-9)


ICAO Ident: H25C

Manu.: British Aerospace

Title: BAe 125-1000 C (H25)

Engines/Weight: 2 / Medium

Speed: 400 knots cruising

Other: Tricycle retractable gear, characteristic partial T/cruciform tail, streamlined engine cowlings, wings set far back on the fuselage with considerable dihedral. (Pictured: A British Aerospace Engineering trainer XS-739)


ICAO Ident: A346

Manu.: Airbus Industrie

Title: Airbus A-340 600 Series

Engines/Weight: 4 / Heavy

Speed: 480 knots cruising

Other: Tricycle retractable gear, characterized by its proportionally long and very narrow streamlined fuselage, wide-swept wings, small cockpit profile and winglets. (Pictured: a Lufthansa A340-600)


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