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Hopefully July or August… money is such a horrible thing. It complicates everything because you can hardly do anything without it. At least it makes my life hell. And damn parents who don’t pay for anything… I am really becoming more and more bitter toward them each day…

And she's still at home....

Yep… here I sit in my cozy little room… still living at home….figures though, this is how my life is… things never work out like I want…

May or August (preferrably May!) is the new proposed time to be out of this house… we’ve had some new additions the our household lately (my sis, her bf and their son!!) and it’s overwhelming and incredibly stressful… plus, my own personal goal for the last few years was to have my own place by the time I was 23. And that’s May….I suppose we’ll see….

No one else to blame

Well, in a short time things have already changed…well, in my head really. I really want to go back to college, the main campus. The campus I go to doesn’t offer what I want to major in, and I think it would be good for me to try it again… alone. To be on my own and face it alone…because that is what I am. Alone. It’ll be hard. I’ll probably be eating nothing but saltines and water, but I need to do it. Let’s face it, I’m spoiled (not really, but more than my siblings) and if I don’t get out now I may never. The time is now. My chance is right now.

So, in January, maybe as early as December, I will be moving. I will be gone. I will be away from here.

It's about time....

Well, I think I may have a potential roommate… but we probably won’t move anytime this year… we both want to save up some money, and she absolutely has to move by next spring, so I have until at least then…

It’s kind of exciting. I already have a lot of stuff from when I thought I was going to move out before, so I don’t need that much stuff.

So Close!

Well, it’s mid-March and I’m hoping to move out in mid-May or June. I need to move closer to my school so I can have better classes. I’m so excited, but also kinda scared. I am making myself do it, b/c I keep making excuses, like I need to save more money, or other crap like that…it’s going to take me just doing it for it to happen… I’m not really telling anyone either… if I tell my parents, they will say something negative and make me feel like I can’t do it… I just hope everything works out, b/c I don’t want to have to move back home or quit school!

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