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Stop dreaming so much


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Italygirl has written 3 entries about this goal


Well, I consider this finished because I really don’t have time to dream. And the fact that I’m having a hard time paying for school and moving out in the fall is reality is hitting me hard and I’m realizing that not all dreams come true, and I’m simply setting myself up for disappointment by dreaming so much.


Well, I think for the most part I have done this…mostly because I don’t have time… but I do still tend to dream from time to time… I mean, I still believe I’m going to win the lottery in the near future… and I haven’t even bought a lotto ticket in months… hmmm…

I dream my life away

I dream. That’s what I do. I dream my life away… and it’s got to stop. I can’t keep thinking and hoping my life will be one way and having it always turn out another. It’s not healthy. And it’s not making me happy.


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