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Keep a daily journal

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I want to get back into

doing almost-daily updates on my livejournal and weekly or bimonthly updates in my bound journal (yay moleskine!). :)

Easier when away

Keeping a daily journal is so much easier for me to do when I’m away from home. It’s easier because in a different setting, I’m more “brave” about going out and trying new things and doing stuff. Being at home regresses me to the mousy little girl I used to be. Maybe not that bad but I still end up stuck in a little ditch doing the same routine things, work school work school work school, with the occasional stuff with friends on weekends. I go out decently enough but I still wish more of that time is spent trying new things, going to new places (not that there are many on this island). Therefore, I usually feel no urge whatsoever to write.

so far so good

9 days into the year and I’ve been faithful to my daily journal (this is progress since i’ve never been able to keep one past 3 days).

:D i’m not only writing but collaging as well.

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