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Ivymere in San Francisco is doing 40 things including…

Save money

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I've been lax! :(

I have a trip coming up in Dec that I’ve been dreaming about for years but stupidly kept spending what I saved for it. Have to start anew!

$3000 by December! Aaaaahhhhh!

Unexpected "windfall"

I’ve been planning to buy an iMac for 2 years and my parents have gifted me a partial amount already but I was still saving up for the rest of it (I just want to buy it in one go and not get credit card debt)...but my boyfriend forestalled me and volunteered his older iMac for me to use in the mean time! I’m so excited. He already added the programs I need on it and upgraded the RAM. Yay!!! Now I can apply my savings towards other things!

Money in a jar!

I’ve decided to literally take to heart the goal to save $2 a day towards travel. I have a mini trip coming up in May that I’m planning and I want to be able to not go into more debt. I’ve calculated that if I do this until May, I will have saved enough for half the trip (so I will just need to either throw part of my paychecks in when it gets closer to May for the rest of it or use my credit cards).

I’m not actually putting 2 literal dollars into a jar but instead, somewhere within a month, I’ll put the entire amount for the amount I should save that month (so if it’s 31 days, I put in $62 that month).

Laterally, I am also saving my quarters and dimes. I’m not sure where this is going to go, but I bet I’ll probably just wait till I have a good amount saved and bring it to the bank and deposit it. So my wallet should only ever have pennies and nickels, besides whatever cash I have on hand.

I wish I could go old school.

Old school like literally just sticking hard cash into different jars labeled for different things “Loans” “Rent & Survival” “Travel” etc….

However, that’s not realistic. I used to do this thing where I’d just never use coins and keep all the change and dump it into a jar. I might go back to doing this to at least save a little bit (better than nothing). I’m also debating trying this thing where I force myself to save $2 a day exclusively for travel (basically as long as I save $60 per month…). I really love traveling and want to grow a fund for it.

This would be great...

if I didn’t have so much debt to begin with. School loans, credit cards, you name it. sigh

Trying this new thing...

where I write down every single penny I spend for a month (and possibly for a longer time after) and see where things go. I’m supposed to evaluate needs and wants versus whims. Hopefully this process will help!

Priorities I guess

Well saving money doesn’t seem to be working so the best I can do in regards to this goal is to divert money in different places, putting it where it SHOULD be going most and sacrificing other things.

I’m moving to a new place this month so I’m buying cheap furniture (as cheap as possible) but I’m going to allow myself to splurge just a little on things to decorate my room with! :)

I’m in dire need of new clothes (yes, I do know the difference between want and need and in this case, it’s need). I especially need jeans, jackets, and I would like accessories but that depends on whether I can find affordable ones. So I’m basically diverting money from my food fund (and I love food….) and entertainment to this arena. Sucks but what can you do, right?

It's hard to not do things I want to do...

when previously, when I had a part-time job, I knew I could just indulge. Now, I can’t indulge as much anymore. I really wanted to go biking yesterday but decided not to because of the fee. sigh :( I ended up exploring a district and having cheap lunch…so all in all, it cost me less than $10 where as biking + lunch would’ve been around $30. That’s not counting shopping stuffs.

I just spent a pretty chunk on software I needed for classes, even though it was at a super steep discount (yay studentness) so that’s kind of a big ouch. On the bright side, I have a roommate for this month so that kind of helped me save on one month’s rent. But I mean…it’s still tough. I’m trying not to blow through my savings so fast because I don’t want to find a job just yet.

Food budgeting and other things

I’m allotting myself $35 a week for food but it’s not hard and fast as long as I keep to $150 a month. I think I can do it! Must try.

As for regular budgeting, that’s a bit difficult….but if I can save money that way, I will try. Whee. I’ll find a job in a month or two.

Yay roomie

I live in a residence hall and I actually have my own room (shared bathroom) but I will have a roomie for anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 weeks. If that’s the case, I get to save at least a few hundred dollars! That’s great! That means I’m not pressured to find a part time job that fast. Or I could just find a job and put these few hundred dollars to good savings.

Either way, that prospect makes me happy!

I still need to open a bank account, though. A local one.

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