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become more confident


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More steps toward this

I just made an appointment at a salon for this weekend – I think a little change or pampering will help me be more confident. I can’t get a haircut till December, though, sadly. A new haircut makes me feel loads better.

Slowly but surely

For me, this was a process of a few years…and it wasn’t until college that I noticed a good big change.

It started in high school, joining track and field helped – because I was able to do something (instead of just being afraid and hiding at home or the library). And my senior year of high school, I joined speech & debaet. That REALLY jumpstarted me getting out of my shell. :D

When I entered college, I decided to finally take classes I am inerested in – hell with if they’re practical or required or not (I mean in addition to my regular classes). So I took theater and swimming and choir and all this helped boost up my confidence – not because I did them well, but because I did them.

Thinking positive helps. Get that pessimism out of your system and focus on the good!


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