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Ivymere in San Francisco is doing 40 things including…

Treat my body like a temple

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Progress is still depressing

I’ve done zip to ensure my health. Nothing. Although I did just buy a new bottle of Vitamin C. I have started asking my mom to brew up more broths and herbal teas for me to drink and I’m trying really hard to lay off the soda and fast food (a bad habit I picked up since meeting my new boyfriend).

I hate to report that...

4 months (nearly 5) and I’m still doing quite badly at this :(

I haven’t gotten a workout in over 5 weeks, nor have I really eaten healthy foods.


Journal of some sort

I’m beginning to keep some sort of notations each week of what I’ve done. Nothing super specific but if I find and note that one week, I’ve been snacking overly much, I’ll then figure out how to remedy that next time or figure out what emotional state I might be in to propel me to treat my body like shit.

I just want to keep better track of what I’m doing to myself. I’m also drawing up a work out schedule. It’s hard since some things are up in the air at the moment. We shall see. I’m aiming for swimming 3x a week, running 1-2x a week, and badminton 1x a week. That should work out. :)

As for skincare, I’m washing my face more often and definitely definitely putting on more moisturizer. I’m still working on actually taking care of my feet, though I just got a ped-egg from Ross. That’ll be something.

I feel like I totally suck at this.

I just haven’t felt up to doing anything to take care of myself. I just eat whatever crap comes my way, like ramen if it’s there or I’ll buy a bunch of frozen food (like steamed buns). I mean, it’s not like I’m eating fast food but I’m not eating healthy stuff either.

I haven’t had a consistent workout in any given week for the last 6 weeks, which also depresses me because I was doing so very well up until then! And then I messed up on some academic stuff and well, finals week was quite hellish. It’s just so hard right now. And I tell myself that I need to take care of myself before anything else falls into place, but it’s hard to motivate myself. It really is.

Books + more exercise

I am still doing my swim workouts (but only 3x a wee now)...

I hope to take up running once a week starting in December (mostly because I left my sneakers at my parents’ house and I need to wait for them since I can’t afford new ones).

I bought a nutrition book at a used book sale and it’s great. Super easy to read and it has a lot of good advice for well-rounded nutrients of all kinds and suggestions of how we can achieve daily requisites.

Good luck, everyone!

This goal is taking me forever! :(

Over the summer, I took a break from school and went home…and took advantage of the free pools. So I ended up swimming 5-6 times a week. That was really good and helped my mood a LOT. My weight came down a little, which made my doctor happy, though he wants me to lose 5 more pounds (a lot harder than it sounds).

I also successfully managed to avoid having more than a pint of ice cream per month (I used to chow that stuff down pint per week). That’s a definite plus, and I’ve been looking into recipes that involve no butter (because I have cholesterol issues). I’m trying a lot harder but I still slip up a LOT.


I got the chance to buy a lot of new juices to stock up on! Also got a box of Go-gurt (love that stuff, I can’t help it) so yay for portable breakfast as well! :D

I’m planning to make a curry this week, although I don’t have much rice left to go with it. I am trying so much harder to cook more and eat out less. I definitely need to pick up slack on fiber and protein, though. I’ve been taking in carbs like a maniac.

Unfortunately, I have not broken my ice cream habit yet. I don’t think I want to.

Watching the Olympics are so inspiring. I really want to get back into running and the wonderful endorphins. The adrenaline is great even though I feel like utter crap at first :p. Hopefully I will be able to work this into my schedule real soon.

I'm kind of using this in conjunction with

saving money.

I’m beginning to bring home lunch – mainly salad because I don’t care for sandwiches (I used to eat a LOT of them so I’m kind of over it). This way I don’t have to spend unnecessary money on lunch or just buying tea/coffee (and ruining appetite, budget, AND my stomach). So I think it’ll work out. On Wednesdays, I have a 9 hour school day though so I might have to bring 2 lunches or bring lunch and lots of snacks. I haven’t decided yet. It’s only the first week of the quarter.

I’m also going to start partitioning off my meals at least a couple days in advance – make it all ready to heat up (if I’ve cooked it in advance or if I need to defrost it, I’ll transfer from the freezer to fridge overnight). I hope this way I get all the nutrients I need. I’m also beginning to be doubly sure I stay hydrated by bringing bottled water (or tea or both) when I go to class. I am using a lot more lotions as well for my skin. I dry out super easily. I’m still taking my vitamin C daily but I need to start adding more vitamins. I also just bought a lot of juice. Yay nutrients and yay healthy body!

While my food intake is getting worse,

at least I’m staying hydrated with copious amounts of tea, water, juice, and soymilk!

Food, diets, exercise, sleep

Been so stressed and tired that all I do is eat frozen food or buy Subway. I also substitute those Starbucks fraps for meals….not good.

I bought some things at Trader Joe’s the other day (yay housemates with cars) and I’m going to try doing a salad focus next week…just to sort of get all that frozen yuckiness out of my system…less preservatives-ridden food. I’m hoping to put more carbs, fruits, and veggies into my diet. Trying my hardest to stay hydrated too. I have pitcher of water always at the ready, and orange juice and soy milk in the fridge.

Planning to stop buying drinks at Starbucks and just enjoy my own steeped tea :) (yay english breakfast and irish cream tea, strawberry green tea, etc)!!!

There’s a great running route around here, supposedly. I’ll need to go look for that soon.

And catch up on sleep.

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