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learn Swahili

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The Lion King

What better place to start than by learning what the names of those familiar Lion King characters mean? Almost all of the Disney characters have names that are simply a Swahili word. Check out the translations:

Simba means Lion
Pumbaa means Foolish One
Rafiki means Friend
Sarabi means Mirage
Shenzi means Savage

and for those of you who have seen the Lion King II:

Kovu means Scar
Zira means Hatred
Nuka means Stink
Vitani – a play on Shetani (She-demon) Vita means War.

I’ll never look at Disney the same way.


I’m not entirely sure why I want to do this. I think a fascination with African culture and an overzealous Social Studies teacher may be to blame… Now the question is…where do I start?

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