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New Goal, New Progress.

Since moving out to New Brunswick, I’ve been forced to run indoors on a treadmill, which I find irritating to follow the Couch 2 5K app on, so I’ve sort of been winging it. The good news is, I’ve been heading out to the gym to run three days a week, and I can now run 1.2 kilometres at a stretch, over 9 solid minutes of running. Not exactly breakneck pace, or a huge distance run, but it means a lot for someone who had to repeat Week 1, Day 1 several times.

There’s a charity 5K run next October that I’m now looking at doing… 11 months of training should get me almost there, I think.

Another Obstacle

I was really hoping to push forward into week two, but thanks to the massive wildfires nearby, there are air quality warnings out and locals are advised not to exercise outdoors. Damn.

One Week Done - Several More to Go!

I’ve finally completed the first week! Okay, it took me nearly a month to do it, and it might be another week or two before I move on to Week 2, Day 1, but I have finished every single one of the Week 1 runs… several times.

I’m still staggeringly out of shape, and I’ve still got a very long way to go, but I’m moving!

Attempt #2

Well, last summer didn’t pan out. I made it to the second week and just never continued.

So this year, I’m trying again; I just got back from the Week 1, Day 1 run, and oh boy, am I ever out of shape. Yikes. I have Friday off, so I can definitely run again then, but I can’t decide if I should move on to Week 1, Day 2, or repeat the run I just did.

... there’s no shame in repeating the very first run, right? Right?

Week 1, Day 1

Well, here we go. I downloaded the 5K Runner app for my iPod and it will walk me through each exercise with audio instructions.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Couch to 5K exercise program, it is, as the name suggests, an exercise program that takes users with no running experience up to running a 5k in around 8 weeks or more, depending on the individual. To get the most out of it, you are supposed to run three times per week on non-consecutive days; I will be trying to go on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule.

I’m about to go out and do the Week 1, Day 1 exercise. Got to start somewhere, right? Wish me luck.

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