Izanami in Texas is doing 43 things including…

write a book and have it published

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Would anyone be interested in reading…....

The pathetic tale of 4 children raised in an alcoholic home with a raging alcoholic mother and a dying invalid father?

The misadventures of a Catholic high school girl working at the old dime-store lunch counter. Drinking protege of her flaming red-haired middle-aged boss.

The mid-life crisis of an administrative clerk who comes alive after dark and begins investigating the underbelly of the city to satisfy long dormant desires tempted by the Internet.

The monthly letters written by a wise, old, philosopher beginning when he was in his 60’s sent to his adopted daughter over the course of 30 years while she finds herself struggling in the world thousands of miles away from him.

I could go on . . . . stories of personal tragedies and dramatic rebounding triumph, spread out across the background of the United States. Limp, colorless? Factual and fascinating? Is it there?

Where to start? What is the focus? Where does it lead? Who is the audience?

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