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Lose 30 pounds

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Weight 197.5 pounds (Down 12.5 pounds)

It’s so easy to be sucked into eating “bad foods” and not exercising. There’s always a reason “not to”. Today I was really bad – I had the equivalent of four cans of Pepsi plus I ate extra unhealthy at Arbys for lunch. I did eat well at dinner – baked chicken on salad greens.

Back to work...

It is amazing how quickly one can gain weight when not paying attention!

My doctor gave me a diet to follow – eat less and exercise more! Duh!

Tonight I walked two miles with the two youngest in 31 minutes. Got to start somewhere!


Woo hoo! I can’t believe it! I have completely stopped drinking soda, eliminated unhealthy snacking, and watching what I eat – especially when dining out. Plus I walk two miles a night pushing two babies in the stroller (and still manage a 15 minute per mile pace). I get my daily chocolate fix by having a cup of hot cocoa made with Splenda and skim milk.


I broke 200! On my way down… I’ve gone two days now without sodas.

This week...

My goal is again to get out and walk ten miles but to also reduce the amount of soda I drink. So far I have walked four miles between yesterday and today. I have not done well on drinking less soda though.

So far...

I’ve walked 7.5 miles this week. My goal is just to get out regularly.

Time to work on this...

My goal for the week is to walk at least ten miles (easy) and cut back to one can of soda per day (hard). I walked two miles tonight with the babies.

Off to a mixed start

I ate a fudge Pop Tart for breakfast – bad. Ate a grilled chicken salad for lunch – good. I plan to walk tonight. The babies always enjoy a long stroller ride.


Well I nearly died when I decided to weigh myself tonight and saw 205! I know I have gained a few pounds over the years – but that much! I really need to get off my butt and start changing a few things.

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