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The fun things I'm doing before turning 30

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comedy show

while on the cruise i went to 2 comedy shows. and i went to one in LA 4 years ago… hold on. How am I going to cross things off this list?

went on a cruise!!!!!!!

grand caymam


tampa bay buccaneers stadium and hq

3 things on my list even if they weren’t on the list yet


1) hike a part of the grand canyon
2) c25k
3) go camping
4) go on a cruise DONE!
5) bungee jump
6) sky dive
7) zip line
8) ski
9) win something
10) see the northern lights(even b4 34 is acceptable here)
11) have a date to defend my thesis
12) ride a horse
13) drive in a sports car
14) tour a mansion
15) get one of those cool extra ear pearcings top of the ear
16) might get my nose pierces
17) might get my nipples pierced… ok maybe not!
17) go to a concert
18) go to a comedy show / try not to get made fun of at the comedy show DONE!
19) see a ballet and dress up
20) try escargot – food challenge
21) get one of those right hand rings
22) go to carnival in brazil or nawhlins or soemthing
23) flash people or where a ridiculous outfit at said event
24) go on a girls only vacation w/ my girlfriends
25) see Jon Stewart live
26) Experience New Years Eve Time Square

to b ontinued when i have more time

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