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HUGE clean-up

Mum has gone into over-drive since my Dad passed away and to date, we’ve taken 2 car-loads full of things to the local Charity Shop!

Clothing, books, knick-knacks, soft toys, saucepans, magazines, Christmas decorations, fashion jewellery, stationery items and shoes.

There’s still a house-load of stuff to go through!

Neighbours favours

Last weekend the neighbours in No.2 moved out, into their newly built house on the other side of town.

As they were so busy with packing & moving we offered to help them out in any way we could. They asked if we would mind taking care of the things they had to ‘give away’?

So today, I hauled a car load of bags & boxes filled to the brim to the local charity shop.

Even though I wasn’t donating my own goods, it felt good to be ‘giving’ and helping out the neighbours in this way!

Away it goes

This morning, D & I decided to do donate some ‘larger’ items to the local Salvation Army depot.

We dropped off:

  • a bag of kitchen items & some linen
  • a HP Printer/Scanner/Copier
  • a small set of plastic crates
  • 3 hand-made drawers (someone might find them useful?)
  • an Antique piece of furniture (early 19th Century English cabinet)

Weekend drop offs

Took a bag of books, unused diaries, trinkets and shoes to the Charity Shop on Saturday afternoon.

Took another bag full of clothes & some bathroom accessories to the Charity shop today!

Endless Excess

Even though I recently went through my wardrobe, drawers & linen cupboard there still appears to be just as much stuff as ever crammed in

I’m not one to go out and buy something new with each week’s pay packet so it’s not like I’m replenishing the gap!

Today I filled another 2 bags with clothes and shoes and dropped them into the Charity Shop on my way to get groceries.

Hoping to clear out more stuff over the coming weeks.

Teddy & Friends

Took 7 brand new Teddy Bears to the Charity Shop this morning, along with a pile of books & CDs.

They’ve all been sitting in a suitcase for the past 6 months, waiting for me to have another market stall but I just thought “what the heck”!

Weekend Tidy Up

A lot of time was spent tidying up areas of accummulated ‘stuff’ around the house on the weekend.

By Sunday morning 3 bags of clothing & knick-knacks were taken to the Charity Shop!

Quick trip

Took an old but in perfect working order Dot Matrix Printer to a charity shop yesterday. Hopefully, someone will find it useful.

And another one...

I’m off to the Charity Shop today – with a bag full of Better Homes & Gardens magazines, a few handbags, some kitchen utensils, CDs and more clothing.

Hopefully, the drop off is a quick one. I usually spend an hour browsing in the charity shop and come home with even more stuff! :-/

Big bag full

On Sunday morning I took a huge bag of linen, clothing, kitchenware and magazines to the charity shop.

Already, another bag is filling fast!

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