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Spice up 2012 by doing at least one NEW and FULFILLING thing in April, May and June

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May/June -

Whale watching trip with my Mom & my SO!
We saw a whale & tons of dolphins & sea lions too!

I saw an old childhood friend!
We had lunch & went to the beach together!

I crafted a jar of compliments!


Also For June -

I tried Baby corn!
It was interesting & OK!


More June -

Tried another Greek yogurt!
Oikos Greek Vanilla yogurt, it was good!
But I know I still like Chobani better!


Also For June -

We recycled! (Yay!)
We recycled a large TV that we were no longer using!


Strawberries for June -

I just bought myself the cutest little strawberry plant!
And who knew it has cute little white flowers too!

I hope that I can keep the cute little thing alive!
I’ve been nurturing it already!

I was talking to it & telling it to grow me strawberries & that I would try not to kill it! (LOL)

The funny thing is that strawberries aren’t even my favorite.
But I think they will taste even better if I grow them myself!


Uh Oh -

Now I have to remember what I did for the rest of May…
Why didn’t I write these entries when they happened?


For Friday & Saturday / May -

I went to the fair with my SO!

We mostly just walked around & took pictures!
But we’re getting along really great & that’s all that matters to me!

I’ve got a Super Jumbo bag of fluffy pink & blue cotton candy! (Mmm)
There will need to be lots of hula-hooping! (LOL)

Picture credit – Dandy bread and candy

More For May -

Tried Jersey Mike’s Subs for the first time!
We had lunch there & we used a coupon!

They made my sandwich wrong.
I practiced my confidence & had them fix it for me!

My sandwich was good!

Yay for May -

I parked in a parking structure by myself!
I didn’t really want to, but I did it anyway.

I went to listen to live music all by myself!

I parallel parked & didn’t hit any cars!


Also For May -

I tried Chocolate Cheerios!
They were good!
Even though I’m not a big chocolate fan.
I usually like Honey-Nut Cheerios!

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