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Done -

189 Entries!
178 Cheers!

I’m retiring this goal!

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Happy Happy Happy -

I can PM again!
It was out since last Thursday & it sucked.

Anybody want to PM me?

Picture is from the Internet, not mine.

Tuesday -

Watching movies makes me Happy!

I watched Mother Ghost!
It was a sad movie but the ending was a little bit happier!

In the year since his mother died, Keith Bennett (Mark Thompson) has been tormented by the notion that she’s still with him. On the verge of losing his wife and family as well as his sanity, he turns to radio psychologist Dr. Norris (Kevin Pollak), whose show gives him the strength to let go—and offers listeners inspiration in the process.
Dana Delany, Charles Durning and James Franco co-star.

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Movie summary is from Netflix.

Woo-Hoo -

$10.00 on a scratcher lottery ticket today!

A Compliment -

While out shopping at the mall someone told me that I had beautiful eyes!
That’s always nice to hear!


I -

watched a Marilyn Monroe movie!
It was an odd movie, but I had never watched one of her movies before!

I watched Don’t Bother To Knock.

Anybody know a really good Marilyn Monroe movie to watch?


Yay -

Having the day off from work today!
And being able to sleep in!

Trying a new flavored coffee that I made at home!

Watching my soap operas on TV!
Trying to declutter while watching TV!


Manic Monday -

With a great big side of HAPPY!

Someone told me I was a great person today!
And guess what I believed them!

I followed that up with a great big hug too!

Happiness -

The little hummingbird zipping around my backyard the other day made me so HAPPY!

I LOVE hummingbirds!

Beautiful picture from the Internet, not mine!

Monday -

Getting a message from my MoM today!

She was letting me know that she had fun hanging out with me over the week-end!
And she told me that she LOVES me!
She doesn’t say it that often, it’s good to hear it!

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